Q’Apel Medical Inc. Achieves Major Milestone with European Regulatory Approval for Walrus Balloon Guide Catheter

Q’Apel Medical Inc. has revolutionized the treatment of acute ischemic stroke with the Walrus Balloon Guide Catheter (BGC). Since 2019, the Walrus BGC has been the U.S. market-leading device for Neuro Interventional physicians, and has been used to successfully treat over 20,000 patients. Recently, Q’Apel was granted the CE Mark under MDR to make their revolutionary device available to a wider international audience.

The revolutionary Walrus BGC has revolutionized the field of Mechanical Thrombectomy procedures, bringing unparalleled advantages to physicians. Its unique design allows for an easier and faster preparation than ever before, while allowing physicians to guide catheters to more distal locations with ease and safety – a major advantage that can drastically improve patient outcomes. With Walrus, physicians have access to the best of both worlds – superior ease of use and superior patient outcomes.

The excitement for Walrus from our global markets has been tremendous, and we have high hopes that our international customers will show the same enthusiasm and commitment to Walrus that we have seen in America. At Q’Apel Medical, we are thrilled to finally be able to offer Walrus to our customers around the world.

We are delighted to announce that Walrus, Q’Apel Medical’s flagship catheter, is now available on the European and international market following the successful CE Mark certification. This marks an essential milestone in the expansion of our company, allowing us to bring our superior product to more physicians in more countries. We are confident that our customers will benefit greatly from the unparalleled performance of Walrus.

About Q’Apel Medical

Q’Apel Medical has revolutionized neurovascular interventions with their innovative technologies. Their portfolio includes the Walrus Balloon Catheter System, the Wahoo Hybrid Access System, and the Armadillo Radial Access System. Walrus offers unparalleled functionality with its flow control, trackability, support, and access capabilities.

The Wahoo Hybrid Access System and Armadillo Radial Access System are dual-mode catheters, part of the SelectFlex™ Family of Neurovascular Catheters, providing physicians with the ability to switch modes during any clinical case, eliminating the need for multiple catheters. Innovative, versatile and reliable, Q’Apel Medical has changed the face of neurovascular interventions.

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