RayCare 2023B: Revolutionizing Patient Care with the Latest Innovations From RaySearch

RayCare 2023B has taken the radiotherapy treatment course management to the next level with an integrated and seamless workflow process. From prescription to results review, this comprehensive new treatment course management workspace makes it easier than ever for users to assign plans, manage treatment settings, and retrieve approvals.

Additionally, RayCare’s digital workflow support, integrated RayStation functionality, and treatment scheduling capabilities streamline the treatment management process for optimal ease and efficiency.

RayCare 2023B revolutionizes radiotherapy workflows for improved efficiency and safety. Its intelligent integration of RaySearch’s products offers streamlined data transfer and an effortless user experience. With fewer manual steps and on-demand structured data, RayCare 2023B allows for an enhanced workflow and unprecedented results in the radiotherapy world.

This version of treatments schedules has been enhanced for a smoother experience and more efficient data migration. Patient charts and task management have been improved with new features and usability tweaks, helping to further streamline the process. Plus, you can keep track of your progress with ease, allowing you to spend more time focusing on what matters most.

Johan Löf, founder and CEO of RaySearch, expresses his satisfaction with the heightened interest from clinics for the RayCare product and its subsequent implementation into clinical routines. He goes on to add that they are continually developing RayCare at a rapid rate to further integrate the product with the rest of their offerings, creating an efficient and superior user experience.

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