Relief Therapeutics Brings Miracle of PKU GOLIKE(R) Treatment to the US!

Relief Therapeutics, an innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to providing breakthrough treatment solutions for specialty and rare diseases, is proud to announce the extension of its long-term, exclusive agreement with Pentec Health, Inc.! This major move will bring a broader distribution of PKU GOLIKE® to the U.S., broadening the possibilities of improving patient care and outcomes.

Pentec Health is a leader in healthcare services for complex conditions, including clinical nutrition and specialty care, and is privileged to be the exclusive distributor of PKU GOLIKE® in the U.S.

We are thrilled to further our partnership with Pentec Health following their acquisition of ZOIA Pharma, enabling us to expand access to our advanced PKU GOLIKE® family of products for the PKU community.

Our breakthrough product, the first prolonged-release, taste- and odor-masked medical food, gives patients the potential to better manage their metabolic conditions despite having to endure the rigorous dietary restrictions associated with PKU. We believe that PKU GOLIKE® offers our community a new level of compliance and relief.

By joining forces with Pentec Health, Relief Therapeutics is excited to welcome ZOIA Pharma customers and to offer them access to the PKU GOLIKE® family of products. This acquisition enlarges the potential customer base that Relief Therapeutics can now serve, allowing more people living with PKU to benefit from the strengthened distribution motor and increased convenience of the drug. Through this positive synergy, more patients have convenient and reliable access to the treatment they need to manage their condition.

Pentec Health, ZOIA Pharma and Relief Therapeutics are joining forces to enable people with rare diseases to gain access to improved healthcare. Through the combined expertise of Pentec’s ability to increase Medicaid coverage and ZOIA’s specialized medical foods, patients with rare diseases will have access to the resources they need to stay healthy.

Matthew Deans, President and CEO of Pentec Health, affirms, “We are an integral part of the care team for these patients’ families, and our collaboration is designed to maximize possibilities for access and adherence to the treatments they need.”

Approximately 16,500 people living in the United States are affected by phenylketonneuria (PKU). PKU is a condition that prevents the body from metabolizing phenylalanine (Phe), which is found in many foods.

To prevent protein deficiency and to manage metabolism levels, these individuals need to supplement their diets with amino acid-based medical foods. Such supplementation helps ensure that those affected by PKU can stay healthy.

Chris Wick, U.S. country lead of Relief Therapeutics, hailed the union of Pentec Health and Zoia Pharma as a monumental step forward for the medical foods industry. With this combined force behind them, Relief Therapeutics will now be equipped to provide more patients with PKU GOLIKE® than ever before, closing the decade with a vital victory for those afflicted with phenylketonuria.


Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a potentially disabling inherited disorder with the potential for severe, irreversible consequences. Unmanaged PKU can lead to global developmental delay, growth failure, hypopigmentation, motor deficits, ataxia, seizures, and even brain damage. To combat these risks, people living with PKU must adhere to a strictly limited diet and carefully manage their metabolic control.

Unfortunately, existing foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs) are rapidly absorbed, have an unpleasant odor and aftertaste, and present a barrier to adequate social interaction for PKU patients. As a result, poor disease control can become an even more imminent threat.


Life with phenylketonuria (PKU) can be a challenge, but Relief Therapeutics makes it easier with our PKU GOLIKE® line of products – the first prolonged-release amino acid food for special medical purposes (FSMPs) developed with our proprietary, patent-protected Physiomimic Technology™ drug delivery platform.

Our products contain all 19 essential amino acids that people with PKU require to stay healthy, plus 27 essential vitamins and minerals normally found in healthy foods. The special coating masks the bitter, unpleasant taste of the amino acids, while also ensuring effective absorption of the nutrients, mimicking the way natural proteins are digested.

Conveniently packaged in either single article/packs (PKU GOLIKE Plus® 3-16 and 16+), or medical food bars (PKU GOLIKE BAR®), PKU GOLIKE® products provide a simple and tasty solution for the dietary management of PKU for both adults and children. Now available in the U.S. since October 2022, PKU GOLIKE® is here to make living with PKU easy and delicious.


Pentec Health Inc. is revolutionizing patient and provider care through their proven delivery models, reducing administrative stresses, and delivering exceptional results. With our technical expertise, coupled with our commitment to clinical collaboration, empathy and long-lasting relationships; we’ve helped over 11,000 patients living with complex medical conditions, with over 350 qualified clinicians working nationwide. We strive to provide the best care possible and to make a life-changing difference.


Relief Therapeutics is revolutionizing patient care by offering treatments for specialty and rare diseases that deliver improved efficacy, safety, and convenience. With an impressive portfolio that includes commercially successful products, the globally patented Physiomimic™ and TEHCLO™ drug delivery platform technologies, and a clinical development pipeline of risk-mitigated assets, Relief Therapeutics is committed to making a positive impact on those living with rare diseases.

Our experienced team of biopharma industry leaders has deep expertise in research, development, and therapeutic relief, setting Relief Therapeutics apart from the rest. Headquartered in Geneva, with additional offices in Balerna, Offenbach am Main and Monza, Relief Therapeutics is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and quoted in the US on OTCQB. Join us in our mission to bring relief to those suffering from rare diseases.

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