Revelation Biosciences Welcomes Renowned Physician Lakhmir Chawla, M.D. to Its Board of Directors

Revelation Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: REVB), a life sciences company dedicated to developing immunologic-based therapies for disease prevention and treatment, has announced the appointment of Dr. Lakhmir Chawla to its Board of Directors.

James Rolke, the CEO of Revelation, expressed excitement about Dr. Chawla’s addition to the Board, citing his extensive expertise in nephrology, critical care medicine, drug development, and strategic implementation. He believes that Dr. Chawla will provide valuable insights as the company continues its mission to develop safe and effective therapies for patients.

Dr. Chawla, the CEO of Stavro Medical, shared his enthusiasm for joining Revelation’s Board. He praised the company’s unique approach to medicine, blending entrepreneurial spirit, scientific rigor, and deep medical knowledge. Dr. Chawla looks forward to collaborating with Revelation’s team and contributing to their mission of innovation and improving clinical outcomes.

Dr. Chawla’s impressive background includes serving as the Chief Medical Officer of Silver Creek Pharma, overseeing the development program for Acute Ischemic Stroke, and initiating the ARPEGGIO neuroprotection study. He also held the position of Chief Medical Officer at La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, where he oversaw the ATHOS-3 trial.

Dr. Chawla is an internationally recognized expert in acute kidney injury (AKI) and shock, with over 160 peer-reviewed publications to his name. He has received the International Vicenza Award for Critical Care Nephrology, recognizing his contributions to improving the care of critically ill patients with AKI.

Dr. Chawla’s appointment comes as Dr. Curt LaBelle retires from the Board after more than two years of dedicated service. Revelation Biosciences extends its gratitude to Dr. LaBelle for his commitment and contributions.

About Revelation Biosciences Inc.

Revelation Biosciences, Inc. is a life sciences company with a primary focus on developing immunologic-based therapies designed for both disease prevention and treatment. The company’s pipeline includes multiple product candidates built upon the established biology of phosphorylated hexaacyl disaccharide (PHAD) and its impact on the innate immune system.

Among Revelation’s key candidates is REVTx‑300, which is under development as a potential therapy for addressing acute and chronic organ diseases. These encompass conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), and myocarditis.

Additionally, the company is advancing REVTx‑100, aimed at both the prevention and treatment of infections. This candidate is designed to harness the power of immunology to combat infectious diseases.

Revelation Biosciences is dedicated to advancing these therapies with the goal of improving patient outcomes across a range of medical conditions by leveraging the potential of immunologic-based approaches.

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