Revolution Medicines Marks a Milestone: First Patient Receives Groundbreaking Treatment RMC-9805, Targeting Mutant KRASG12D(ON)

Revolution Medicines Launches Clinical Journey for Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment: First Patient Dosed in Trial of RMC-9805, a Game-Changing KRASG12D(ON) Inhibitor

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Revolution Medicines, Inc. (Nasdaq: RVMD), a trailblazing oncology company on a mission to combat RAS-addicted cancers, proudly announces a significant leap forward: the administration of RMC-9805, a potent oral KRASG12D(ON) Inhibitor, to its inaugural patient. This groundbreaking treatment is designed to combat cancers driven by the formidable KRASG12D mutation, which plagues a staggering 55,000 new patients in the U.S. each year. This mutation is particularly prevalent in pancreatic cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and colorectal cancer.

The Phase 1/1b trial (NCT06040541) unfolds as a multifaceted endeavor, spanning multiple centers. It operates under an open-label framework, delving into dose escalation and expansion for RMC-9805 across patients grappling with advanced solid tumors housing the KRASG12D mutation. The study’s key objectives encompass an exhaustive assessment of safety and tolerability while charting the course towards establishing the ideal Phase 2 dose and regimen for this revolutionary compound.

Dr. Mark A. Goldsmith, the visionary CEO and Chairman of Revolution Medicines, celebrates this momentous milestone, stating, β€œThe initiation of patient dosing with RMC-9805 marks a major milestone for Revolution Medicines as its third oral RAS(ON) Inhibitor to begin clinical evaluation.

We are now sudying in the clinic three highly innovative RAS(ON) Inhibitors derived from our pioneering tri-complex inhibitor platform that we believe have complementary profiles – RMC-6236 (RASMULTI) for patients with cancers caused by a wide range of RAS mutations, and the mutant-selective compounds RMC-6291 (KRASG12C) and RMC-9805 (KRASG12D) for patients with cancers harboring selected mutations.

With this strong clinical portfolio, as well as a rich collection of additional mutant-selective drug candidates and research-stage assets, we believe our pipeline has the potential to change the standard of care for patients living with a wide range of RAS-addicted cancers including NSCLC, pancreatic cancers and colorectal cancers.”

About Revolution Medicines, Inc.

Revolution Medicines stands at the forefront of oncology innovation, leading the charge against RAS-addicted cancers. Their robust research and development pipeline is packed with cutting-edge solutions, including the potent RAS(ON) Inhibitors designed to tackle an array of oncogenic RAS protein variants. Among these, RMC-6236 (RASMULTI), RMC-6291 (KRASG12C), and RMC-9805 (KRASG12D) are blazing the clinical trial trails, with promising outcomes.

The lineup doesn’t stop there – RMC-0708 (KRASQ61H) is rapidly advancing towards IND-enabling development, while RMC-8839 (KRASG13C) and other compounds are poised to target various RAS variants. Revolution Medicines also champions combination therapies, featuring RAS Companion Inhibitors like RMC-4630 (SHP2) and RMC-5552 (mTORC1/4EBP1) in their clinical development arsenal. With a commitment to transforming cancer treatment, Revolution Medicines is rewriting the rules of the fight against RAS-addicted cancers.

Forward-Looking Statements

As Revolution Medicines forges ahead in the battle against cancer, this press release offers a glimpse into their bold journey. Pioneering new therapies, they are not only rewriting the rules but also setting the stage for a transformative future. Within these pages, forward-looking statements beckon, offering tantalizing possibilities.

Picture a world where patients find hope in RAS-addicted cancers, where treatments are not just effective but life-changing. Revolution Medicines is leading the way, with clinical trials that promise breakthroughs. The language here resonates with optimism, as it speaks of dosing and enrollment milestones, the potential for groundbreaking efficacy, and the ability to redefine the standard of care.

Yet, as with any frontier, challenges abound. The path is fraught with risks and uncertainties, from the early stages of development to regulatory hurdles and manufacturing complexities. Intellectual property battles loom, and global events, like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, cast their shadows. This is the terrain where Revolution Medicines dares to tread, where they embrace these challenges as part of the journey.

Stay tuned as Revolution Medicines continues to script the future of cancer treatment. While the unknown may hold surprises, their unwavering commitment to progress remains a constant beacon of hope. In their quest to unveil tomorrow’s solutions, Revolution Medicines stands poised to make history.

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