Revolutionary Aurix® System Now Available to Aid Wound Care!

Nuo Therapeutics is thrilled to announce that the Aurix® System has been added to the formulary of Wound Care Advantage (WCA), the leading wound care consulting firm in the nation. Since its inception in 2002, WCA has successfully developed and maintained financially sustainable wound care programs for hundreds of partner hospitals, helping to save the lives of over 40,000 patients suffering from chronic wounds. With a commitment to providing quality care and continual innovation, WCA has become a leader in the wound healing space and Nuo seeks to help them continue to make a positive impact.

Diabetic foot ulcers present a major challenge not only in terms of clinical treatment, but also in terms of financial management for wound care centers. With a plethora of wound care products available for commercial use, it can often be hard to decipher which items are both covered by Medicare and, more importantly, can effectively treat patients. This is why we at Nuo are thrilled to be working alongside the esteemed Wound Care Advantage team, who have established a thorough vetting process for determining which products make the cut for their formulary.

The Aurix System has revolutionized chronic wound care with its Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) gel that only takes a single minute spin to activate! Clinical testing, approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), revealed that not only does it have a higher rate of wound healing, but it also heals significantly faster than other advanced healing modalities. An FDA clearance stands as a testament to the Aurix System’s remarkable achievements.

About Nuo Therapeutics

Nuo Therapeutics is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape with its Aurix System, a cutting-edge biodynamic hematogel that encourages and strengthens a patient’s natural regenerative abilities to manage a wide range of wounds. As a commercial-stage medical device provider,Nuo Therapeutics is dedicated to creating innovative therapies that optimize healthcare solutions.

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