Revolutionary Breakthrough of 10x Genomics Technology Sparks Hope for Fight Against Cancer: Nature Medicine Publishes Car-T Cell Study

The groundbreaking findings of a research study published in Nature Medicine show that single-cell genomic technologies developed by 10x Genomics can explain why some children with leukemia are able to benefit from CAR T-cell therapy more than others. The project was collaborative effort between the researchers from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Wellcome Sanger Institute, and UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, who uncovered a powerful new set of gene signatures. These discoveries are paving the way for more informed care of pediatric cancer patients.

Researchers have uncovered the key gene that helps make long-lasting CAR T-cells unique – and it makes an incredible difference for children with leukaemia. Using Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression technology, the team was able to isolate the genetic signature of the persistent CAR T-cells as part of the CARPALL study, helping to identify important predictors of durable remission. The results showed that a unique double negative phenotype of long-lasting CAR T-cells could enable these cells to persist in the body, offering hope to patients and their families of living cancer-free in the long-term.

Ben Hindson, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at 10x Genomics, said it best: “Single cell genomics is a powerful tool that is transforming cancer research and our understanding of health and disease, and we are so proud to have 10x technologies behind this incredible breakthrough.” Dr. Sam Behjati, co-senior author of the study, Group Lead, and Wellcome Senior Research Fellow at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, added “This study is a fantastic step forward in our understanding of CAR T-cell persistence and illustrates the power of collaborative science. It is crucial that we continue to develop and build on these new treatments to

About 10x Genomics

10x Genomics is an innovative life science company, making groundbreaking products that help us better investigate, comprehend and control biology for improved human health. Our high-end solutions include instruments, consumables and software that can analyze complex biological systems with amazing accuracy and efficiency. What’s more, these cutting edge tools have been embraced by distinguished researchers across the globe including the top 100 research institutions as per Nature in 2021 and the top 20 pharmaceuticals by 2021 spend. With its impressive patented technology, 10x Genomics has been a catalyst for incredible research breakthroughs from oncology to immunology and neuroscience, cited in over 5,000 research papers.

About the Wellcome Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Sanger Institute stands at the forefront of leading-edge genomics research, unlocking the secrets of biology and medicine. Working hand-in-hand with collaborators across the world to share the data, results and tools of our extraordinary achievements, our ambition is to strive further and drive advancements in scientific knowledge. Powered by Wellcome’s generous funding, our genome sequencing programs offer irreplaceable insight to better our understanding of life on this planet and to improve global human health.

Forward Looking Statements

10x Genomics, Inc. is excited to announce our single cell products that are set to revolutionize our understanding of human health and disease and improve patient care. However, our success is not guaranteed and the outcome could differ from our expected results due to certain risks and uncertainties.

These include the potential for technical and commercial challenges or execution difficulties; dependency on sales and distribution channels; the impact of competitive strategies such as pricing pressures; and the ability to develop and commercialize new products and services. For more information about the potential risks and uncertainties, please refer to our 10-K, and other documents our company may file with the Securities and Exchange Commission from time-to-time.

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