Revolutionary Breakthrough: RevolKa Ltd. and Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. Reach Milestone in Joint Research!

RevolKa Ltd., a venture-backed biotech company utilizing its game-changing protein engineering technology platform (Shiro Kataoka, CEO), has achieved a milestone by successfully completing the collaborative drug discovery project with Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. (Hiroshi Nomura, President and CEO) for rare diseases within the given time frame.

By utilizing its proprietary technology, aiProtein®, RevolKa managed to exceed the criteria set for the project, and provided Sumitomo Pharma with lead candidates for further development and research. As a result, Sumitomo has been granted rights of first refusal for an exclusive license of the molecules, for which RevolKa was rewarded with a milestone payment.

About aiProtein® Technology

RevolKa’s aiProtein® is a revolutionary AI-assisted directed evolution technology for creating custom proteins. It’s an AI engine that uses highly sophisticated algorithms to analyze large-scale protein datasets and generate sequences that will fold into unique tertiary structures with specific desired functions. It can evolve more than two functions simultaneously, making it a powerful and cost-effective solution for the development of novel proteins with virtually limitless applications in the pharmaceutical and industrial industries.

About RevolKa Ltd. 

Welcome to RevolKa, the revolutionary biotechnology company determined to contribute to human well-being through the innovative use of aiProtein® – our own proprietary technology. We are based in Tokyo, Japan with labs situated in Sendai and Tokyo. Our venture was founded in April 2021 by a team of seasoned experts in biotechnology and artificial intelligence with the backing of distinguished investors such as Tohoku University Venture Partners and Softbank investment. Our name, RevolKa, encapsulates our mission: to usher in a new era of evolution and raise the bar with our technological advancements.

About Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. strives to offer solutions that will bring meaningful improvement to healthcare and quality of life in communities around the globe. Through groundbreaking research and development, Sumitomo Pharma is committed to creating value and bringing a positive change to lives worldwide. By dedicating its efforts to discovering cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, Sumitomo Pharma aspires to make a lasting impact and is driven by its mission of improving lives.

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