Revolutionary Cancer Treatment: Anaveon’s ANV419 Shows Promise in Pioneering Melanoma Study

Anaveon, a clinical stage immuno-oncology company, is excited to announce the first patient has been dosed in the OMNIA-1 study – a Phase I/II study assessing the efficacy and safety of ANV419 in the treatment of advanced melanoma. ANV419 is a powerful IL-2 agonist, designed to enable the delivery of high dose IL-2, and could be a potential breakthrough in the fight against melanoma. We look forward to the results of this groundbreaking study.

Anaveon is thrilled to continue developing their next-generation of IL-2 for patients with advanced melanoma, following the successful results of the first-in-human study. Data from the study demonstrated ANV419 can be administered in high molar equivalents of IL-2 in a safe and easy manner, while stimulating and expanding NK and CD8+ T cells. This is a major step forward in the development of innovative treatments for this disease.

In the last ten years, tremendous strides have been made in treating metastatic cutaneous melanoma, with 5-year overall survival rates rocketing from a dismal 10% to a much more promising 50%. However, not all patients respond to initial therapy, and there is still much work to be done in developing new effective and tolerable treatments for the 30% to 70% of patients who don’t. Despite the progress made, the outlook for metastatic cutaneous melanoma remains challenging.

About the OMNIA-1 study

ANV419-101 is a groundbreaking clinical trial that seeks to revolutionize the treatment of advanced cutaneous melanoma. Up to 130 patients with advanced cutaneous melanoma will be enrolled in this global, open label, randomized, parallel arm, Phase I/II study. The trial will begin with a monotherapy dose expansion part, followed by a combination part of ANV419 with either anti-PD1 or anti-CTLA-4 in those who have not responded to standard of care immunotherapy. Join us in the fight against advanced cutaneous melanoma and help make history!

Anaveon anticipates releasing the initial results of their OMNIA-1 study on safety and efficacy by the beginning of 2024, offering a promising outlook for the future.

Anaveon is making leaps and bounds in the fight against cancer, with multiple Phase I/II trials underway for both solid tumors and hematological malignancies. In addition, the company is leveraging its cytokine engineering expertise to explore the potential of ANV419 and other related compounds, with the aim of delivering the IL-2 agonist to tumor fighting cells and expanding into less immunogenic tumors. Anaveon is committed to using cutting-edge technology to bring hope and healing to those affected by cancer.

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