Revolutionary Dermatology Breakthrough: Rubedo Life Sciences Announces Potential Treatment for Chronic Skin Disorders at LSX World Congress 2023

At the LSX World Conference 2023, Rubedo Life Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to fighting chronic age-related diseases, proudly announced the selection of RLS-1496 as their first-in-class development candidate.

RLS-1496, discovered through their pioneering ALEMBIC™ drug discovery platform, is set to revolutionize the treatment of dermatological conditions and provide new hope for countless patients.

Rubedo’s R&D program in dermatology has yielded promising results with RLS-1496, a disease-modifying therapy that could potentially surpass standard of care in several chronic skin conditions.

After launching in Q4 2021, the program has made great strides in the past eighteen months, leading to the nomination of a candidate ready to advance into IND-enabling studies. If all goes to plan, the world could soon experience the first-in-human trials of this revolutionary therapy next year.

Pathological analysis revealed that Rubedo’s RLS-1496 candidate was extremely successful in minimizing the signs of skin senescence, as seen in punch biopsies from skin lesions of chronic atopic dermatitis and psoriasis patients. This development candidate was found to be a very promising solution to the issue of skin aging.

We are delighted to announce the nomination of our first disease-modifying development candidate for our dermatology program, RLS-1496. This groundbreaking therapy has the potential to provide sustained relief for patients suffering from chronic dermatological conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis by targeting the skin senescent cells responsible for persistent chronic inflammation, unlike current non-steroidal topical treatments that only address the symptoms.

Our team at Rubedo Life Sciences is committed to advancing the science of skin aging, and we believe RLS-1496 can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by these debilitating conditions.

The search for a cure for chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis is ongoing, despite available therapies. To address this need for novel, disease-modifying interventions, Alembic Pharmaceuticals has identified a promising candidate, RLS-1496, through its ALEMBIC™ AI Platform. Preclinical data from the candidate suggest it has the potential to be developed further, highlighting the value of AI-driven drug discovery.

ALEMBIC™ is a revolutionary AI-augmented drug discovery platform that can detect and selectively target specific cell populations that drive pathology. Rubedo leveraged its proprietary database containing terabytes of internally-generated tissue analysis and ALEMBIC’s extensive portfolio of algorithms to develop senescence signatures, allowing them to uniquely identify and profile heterogeneous senescent and senescent-like cell populations in clinical samples of diseased tissues.

These senescence signatures have already been used to analyze skin samples from patients suffering from conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis, offering hope for new treatments and cures.

About Rubedo Life Sciences

At Rubedo Life Sciences, we are on a mission to revolutionize the treatment of chronic age-related diseases. Our proprietary ALEMBIC™ drug discovery platform has engineered the creation of novel, first-in-class small molecules that are designed to selectively target senescent cells, which are known to play a key role in the progression of diseases such as pulmonary, dermatological, oncological, neurodegenerative, and fibrotic disorders.

Our experienced team of industry leaders and early pioneers in chemistry, technology, and life sciences has the expertise and knowledge to not only develop, but also commercialize these therapies. Located in Sunnyvale, CA, Rubedo Life Sciences is committed to delivering life-changing treatments to people around the world.

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