Revolutionary Drug That Could Stop BK Virus in its Tracks Receives Boost from Orthogon Therapeutics

Orthogon Therapeutics LLC, a revolutionary force in antiviral therapeutics, is celebrating a double triumph – its lead molecule has aced acute toxicity tests, unlocking an additional $3M investment from a consortium of healthcare investors.

Completing a $6M financing, Orthogon Therapeutics has now raised a total of $18.5M for their innovative treatments. It’s a massive victory that will take the company further in its pioneering mission.

We’re thrilled to be able to celebrate not only a major scientific breakthrough, but also the new funding that will make it all possible. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, Orthogon Therapeutics is now a step closer to providing a life-changing treatment for BK virus. It’s an exciting time as our goal of delivering the world’s first-ever BK virus treatment quickly becomes a reality.

Dr. Munawar believes that a breakthrough in preventing, managing, and treating BK virus can be achieved with the introduction of a small molecule that can target the virus at the site of replications. This versatile molecule could offer dosing flexibility to both those at risk of being infected and those already suffering from reactivation of the virus, and is sure to transform the landscape for treatment.

Orthogon is set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape with their groundbreaking work in treating Parechovirus BK, a virus which poses a serious risk to immunocompromised patients, like transplant recipients. This new treatment option could save many lives and serve to drastically improve the quality of life of those affected.

Once more, our supporters have given proof of their trust in our tech platform and our purpose of inventing new treatments for transplant patients. Dr. Munawar excitedly declared, “This shows our backers’ unwavering faith in us and what we are striving to achieve!”

This marks a major milestone in Orthogon’s pioneering work, as their drug candidate is now close to entering clinical trials. Through strategic pre-IND studies, the development of this revolutionary drug is now propelled closer to becoming a reality – and soon enough, patients may be reaping the benefits of its revolutionary approaches.

About Orthogon Therapeutics:

Orthogon Therapeutics, LLC is a pioneering private R&D company with a home base in the vibrant biotech hub of Greater Boston as well as a branch in Leuven, Belgium. Utilizing cutting-edge structure-based and biophysical approaches, Orthogon continues to develop novel and effective medicines that are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.

About BK and polyomaviruses:

With its presence felt in a staggering 80% of the human population, BK virus (BKV) of the polyomavirus family is an omnipresent, yet silent inhabitant of our bodies. Yet, when it decides to show itself, a seemingly harmless virus can have deadly ramifications; nearly half of solid organ and stem cell transplant patients experience the reactivation of BKV in their kidneys, leading to serious complications and even loss of the transplant.

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