Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment Now Being Tested in US: TOKYO Pharma Activates First Clinical Trial Site

OKYO Pharma Limited, a bio-pharmaceutical company developing OK-101 to treat dry eye disease, is proud to announce the activation of the first clinical trial site in the US for its phase 2 trial. This multi-center, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of OK-101 ophthalmic solution in subjects with dry eye disease.

The first patient is expected to begin their journey within the next two weeks, providing hope to those suffering from this multi-billion-dollar market with significant unmet needs.

OKYO Pharma is proud to announce the activation of its first clinical site in support of OK-101, a potential treatment for dry eye disease, a chronic ocular condition that affects an estimated 700 million people worldwide.

With the opening of this clinical site, OKYO is now one step closer to initiating the phase 2 trial for OK-101, with the goal of completing the trial before the end of the year. CEO Gary S. Jacob, Ph.D., expressed his excitement and enthusiasm in advancing the development of OK-101 as a potential treatment option for dry eye disease.

About OK-101

OK-101 is a revolutionary lipid conjugated chemerin peptide antagonist that has been developed to treat dry eye disease. This novel long-acting drug candidate was created using a membrane-anchored-peptide (MAP) technology, and has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in mouse models of dry eye disease and corneal neuropathic pain. Thanks to its lipid ‘anchor’ which enhances its residence time within the ocular environment, OK-101 is able to combat washout and provide longer-lasting relief from symptoms.

About OKYO

OKYO Pharma Limited is a life sciences company that is making waves in the medical world. Listed on NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange, the company is dedicated to discovering and developing groundbreaking treatments for inflammatory dry eye diseases and chronic pain. With the help of cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team of experts, OKYO is paving the way for new and improved treatments for these debilitating conditions.

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