Revolutionary Genotype Imputation System Unveiled at European Society of Human Genetics Conference

OmicsEdge is proud to present its remarkable new genotype imputation method at the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) meeting in Glasgow. This innovative method has been benchmarked against leading techniques and achieved up to 10% greater accuracy! Genotype imputation is a crucial tool in genetic research and precision medicine which allows us to more accurately identify and understand the genetic basis of disease, and this cutting-edge technology will bring us one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of the human genome.

Our groundbreaking research shows that our genotype imputation method is the world’s best. According to our benchmarking results, our method is exceptionally skilled when it comes to imputing rare variants – tiny and oftentimes specific to an individual – which are of paramount importance when it comes to the understanding of complex genetic diseases and drug discovery. This incredible finding will surely revolutionize the medical field!

OmicsEdge is revolutionizing the world of personalized medicine by creating whole genome datasets at a fraction of the cost of traditional whole genome sequencing. This major advancement will enable clinicians and researchers to more accurately measure polygenic risk scores, giving individuals a better look at their specific genetic risk.

Through this enhanced precision, we can identify rare variants associated with diseases and target them with drugs more accurately. This breakthrough technology is shaping the future of genetic health, and OmicsEdge is offering it to companies looking to further their understanding in this rapidly developing field.

About OmicsEdge

OmicsEdge is revolutionizing genetic research with its cutting-edge bioinformatics technology. Founded in 2021, our mission is to make precision health accessible to everyone by enabling organizations to quickly and easily construct precision health products that tap into our powerful bioinformatics infrastructure. Our unparalleled data processing and analysis capabilities provide researchers with access to unprecedented scale and utility.

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