Revolutionary Heart Failure Treatment Using Daxor BVA-100® Successfully Tested in JACC-HF Trials!

Daxor Corporation, an innovative leader in blood volume measurement technology, recently published a research paper in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology – Heart Failure. The study revealed the success of a pilot study involving 31 heart failure patients and the utilization of the BVA-100 diagnostic to measure clinician assessment accuracy and the optimization of decongestion therapy. The findings of this pilot could provide invaluable insight into future treatments for heart failure patients.

The results of the study showed that all patients had significant alternations in their blood volume levels, yet surprisingly, more than two-thirds of the care teams did not identify this through their clinical assessments. Marat Fudim, M.D., the principal investigator of the study, commented, “Our data indicates that doctors cannot discern a patient’s congestion level accurately without actually measuring their blood volume.

Our research supports the possibility of randomized trials for heart failure therapy guided by a BVA. Therefore, our encouraging results further underline the need to conduct a large, multicenter random control trial to examine how BVA measurement impacts clinical outcomes.”

In an effort to improve treatment of heart failure patients, a research trial was conducted utilizing the BVA-100 early in patient admission. While the study found that this process was practical, optimization of the process would require further research.

Though the results of the study didn’t reach statistical significance due to its small sample size, it was noted that patients in the control group experienced more effective volume optimization and shorter hospital stays.

“This pilot study provides compelling evidence for the effectiveness of Daxor’s innovative technology in optimizing heart failure care. Our findings outstrip traditional methods such as physical examination, as they employ direct and objective measurements with the BVA system. Our research paves the way for larger randomized trials to further corroborate the efficacy evidenced in this first-of-its-kind study. At Daxor, we take pride in our commitment to advancing heart failure care – and look forward to further progress in this field.”

About Daxor Corporation

Daxor Corporation (NASDAQ: DXR) is a global leader in innovating blood volume measurement technology. Our BVA-100® is the only diagnostic blood test cleared by the FDA and has already been used to conduct over 65,000+ tests in leading hospital centers across the U.S. – resulting in enhanced hospital performance metrics and even mortality and readmission rates reduced in heart failure and critical care.

Not only are we committed to working with the NIH on heart failure treatment, we’re also on a mission to partner with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop analyzers that will further improve combat casualty care. For us at Daxor, our purpose is to advance healthcare with blood volume analysis – to make optimal blood volume a reality for all.

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