Revolutionary New Treatment Paves the Way for Neuroscience: Very Low Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation in Humans!

Dr. Amol Soin, of Soin Neuroscience, a Dayton, OH based biotech startup, has unveiled its new TunedTX platform. This revolutionary spinal cord stimulator system provides a revolutionary approach to chronic pain treatment, using very low frequency stimulation – a novel mechanism of action.

By utilizing sodium channel inactivation, the waveform has the ability to reversibly block axonal conduction, pushing the boundaries of pain relief and changing the lives of patients suffering from chronic pain.

Dr. Soin and the Neuroscience team have taken the innovative step of initiating human testing of very low frequency stimulation for safety and tolerability. From this groundbreaking research, they’ve determined that the unique TunedTx platform exhibits charge balancing unlike any existing system, and is designed to incorporate maximum variability into its waveform design.

By focusing on safety with this type of stimulation, the Neuroscience team is leading the way in exploring the potential of very low frequency methods for better medical outcomes.

Dr. Amol Soin is pioneering revolutionary therapies to bring much-needed relief to patients by exploring the potential of spinal cord stimulation systems. With a focus on versatility to achieve maximum pain relief, Dr. Soin and his team are using both high and low frequency waveforms to develop novel approaches.

Although the very low frequency stimulation platform is not FDA approved yet, the results of their lab experiments will inform future clinical decisions to determine if the programs are viable or are simply a dead end.

At Soin Neuroscience Inc. (SNI), we are on a mission to revolutionize the way physicians approach pain management. Founded by Pain Management Physician Dr Amol Soin, MD, and based in Dayton, OH, SNI has pioneered revolutionary neuromodulation technologies which aim to augment physician decision making and pave the way towards precision medicine.

We are currently in the early stages of testing these cutting-edge technologies, such as our investigational spinal cord stimulation device, and are excited to see the potential results. While FDA approval is pending, we hope that the use of these technologies will offer the possibility of improved standards of care and revolutionize pain management.

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