Revolutionary Oral Antibody Therapy Launched by Mage Biologics to Combat Ulcerative Colitis

Today, international venture capital firm TVM Capital Life Science (“TVM”) and specialty pharma company Tillotts Pharma (“Tillotts”) have announced a joint investment of up to USD 28 million in the newly formed U.S.-based biotechnology company, Mage Biologics Inc. (“Mage Bio”).

TVM will be providing strategic advice to Mage Bio, with Dr. Sascha Berger, General Partner, joining the Board of Directors and Dr. Ivan Shaw, Principal, serving as a Board Observer. This is the 10th early-stage or project-focused company (PFC) investment for TVM’s fund TVM Life Science Innovation II SCSp (“TVM LSI II”) and represent another success in their long standing commitment to life sciences innovation.

Mage Biologics is on a mission to bring a revolutionary oral monoclonal antibody (mAb) to the clinical proof of concept stage for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Working in close partnership with Numab Therapeutics and relying on Tillotts’ innovative sustained release approach, this highly potent, tissue-penetrating mAb is designed to deliver optimal doses of therapeutics to the intestinal tract for effective inflammation management. Manufacturing of clinical trials material is slated to commence in 2023, with an anticipated clinical trial application filing in 2024.

We are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with TVM Capital Life Science to develop an innovative oral antibody that can potentially revolutionize the treatment of ulcerative colitis, a lifelong debilitating condition. This collaboration is a testament to Tillotts’ unrelenting commitment to providing groundbreaking products in the gastrointestinal space. Thomas A.

Tóth von Kiskér, CEO and Board Director of Tillotts, emphasised this sentiment, “It is an incredible opportunity and I look forward to witnessing the possibilities that arise from this exciting partnership.”

TVM Capital Life Science is delighted to be the driving force behind the creation of Mage Biologics. Our deep international connections and focus on developing preclinical therapeutic agents has laid the groundwork for this successful venture.

We look forward to working with CEO Johannes Spleiss and CFO Chantal Miklosi, both of whom bring a wealth of experience to the table. It is this kind of expertise that will ensure the continued success of Mage Biologics.

Johannes Spleiss, Head of Scientific Affairs at Tillotts and CEO of Mage Biologics, is excited to take on the challenge of creating a novel oral antibody that could potentially disrupt traditional treatments of ulcerative colitis. His dedication to developing more effective treatments that come with fewer systemic side effects is a major leap for the many people living with this condition. He anticipates the future of the antibody’s clinical proof of concept with great enthusiasm.

About ulcerative colitis

Millions of people around the world suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease known as ulcerative colitis. Though there is unfortunately no known cure, current treatments have been developed to reduce the symptoms and bring remission. Over the last decade, biologics have been a prominent form of treatment, delivering several monoclonal antibodies through either subcutaneous or intravenous therapies.

However, unfortunately, many patients don’t respond, lose response, or develop intolerance to currently available medicines. This leaves a looming need for safer, more effective, and convenient therapeutic alternatives to treat ulcerative colitis.

About the project-focused company (PFC)

TVM, with its portfolio of PFCs, has established a unique and remarkable partnership with Eli Lilly and Company, wherein they can utilize Chorus – a full-service autonomous research and development unit of Lilly – to help implement a lean and efficient drug development plan to validate the concept. This innovative approach helps streamline the process and delivers quality results to determine proof of concept for the PFCs.

About Tillotts Pharma

Tillotts Pharma AG, a subsidiary of the Japanese Zeria Group, is an ambitious specialty pharma company with a fast-growing presence. Boasting around 400 employees in Switzerland and around the world, Tillotts is devoted to developing, acquiring, and commercializing cutting-edge solutions for digestive health.

From their own products for the treatment of IBD and Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI), to in-licensed solutions available in 65 countries, Tillotts is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the global market.

About TVM Capital Life Science

TVM Capital Life Science is revolutionizing the venture capital field by providing global, therapeutic and medical technology investments to ensure successful returns for investors and revolutionary treatments to improve patient lives.

With a highly experienced transatlantic team and almost $900 million under their management, this company continues to set new standards in the venture capital industry. TVM’s strategy of increasing capital efficiency, streamlining development timelines and seeking market input for their investments has successfully produced profitable results with AurKa Pharma, Inc. and Acanthas Pharma, Inc. among others.

Utilizing their singular asset company approach and strategic relationship with international pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company, TVM Capital is a cutting-edge business innovation set to transform the medical industry for years to come.

About Mage Biologics Inc.

Mage Biologics is a revolutionary project, co-funded by TVM Life Science Innovation II and Tillotts Pharma, that is making huge strides forward in the treatment of ulcerative colitis. This cutting-edge endeavor is managed by an expert team and focuses on creating a novel, orally-administered monoclonal antibody that has the potential to reach clinical proof of concept. We’re excited to see where this amazing venture takes us!

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