Revolutionary Orano Med Alpha Radioligand Therapy 212Pb-GRPR Initiates First Human Clinical Trial in Fight Against Solid Tumors

Orano Med, a pioneering clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company, today announced a major breakthrough with the first patient being dosed in their Phase 1 trial of the groundbreaking alpha radioligand therapy, 212Pb-GRPR. Specifically developed to target gastrin-releasing peptide receptors (GRPRs) which are highly expressed in prostate cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer, among other solid tumors, this revolutionary therapy is set to revolutionize the way we treat advanced solid tumors.

We are thrilled to announce that the first patient in our Phase I 212Pb-GRPR clinical trial has been dosed, marking a pivotal moment in Orano Med’s journey to developing a pipeline of alpha radiopharmaceuticals for treating challenging cancers. Alpha-emitting radioisotopes have been proven to be highly effective at killing cancer cells, while causing minimal damage to healthy cells. With our preclinical results of 212Pb-GRPR displaying such promise, we are confident that this alpha therapy targeting GRPR could potentially provide much-needed hope and improved outcomes for cancer patients in need.

An innovative trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of 212Pb-GRPR is currently underway to treat advanced solid tumors. This multi-center, open-label, single-arm, non-randomized basket trial is enrolling approximately 30 patients and consists of a dose escalation phase followed by an expansion phase. The primary endpoints of the trial are to assess the safety and tolerability of 212Pb-GRPR, while exploratory efficacy endpoints include objective response rate, progression-free survival, and overall survival, all of which are evaluated using RECIST v1.1 criteria. To find out more about this ground-breaking trial, please visit NCT 05283330.

The future of radiopharmaceutical therapies is here! Advanced Molecular Imaging and Therapy has just administered the first dose of a targeted alpha therapy, 212Pb-GRPR, to a patient. We believe that alpha radiopharmaceutical therapies offer an increased cytotoxic potential against cancer cells, as well as the ability to improve treatments in areas of high unmet needs. Alpha radiopharmaceutical therapies are the next more effective game changer, and we are excited about the potential to advance the field significantly.

About Targeted Alpha Therapy

Targeted alpha therapy (TAT) is an innovative approach to treating cancer that harnesses the power of biological molecules to target cancer cells and the short-range cell-killing properties of alpha-emitting radioisotopes. Upon emission, alpha particles create irreparable double strand DNA breaks in adjacent cells, resulting in a high cytotoxic potential towards cancer cells while limiting toxicity to healthy cells around them. This makes alpha emitters one of the most effective payloads for targeted therapies – a powerful tool in the fight against cancer.

About GRPR

In the coming decade, 25,000 patients in the United States alone are projected to be diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, with a dismal 5-year survival rate of just 30%. Similarly, over 50,000 individuals will be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and their 5-year survival rate is expected to be even lower, at 27%. Oncology research has made monumental strides in recent years and has led to treatments for these cancers. However, the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR), a G-protein-coupled receptor of the family of bombesin receptors, may hold the key to unlocking further progress. GRPR’s ligand, gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), is a peptide that has numerous effects on both the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems, and is overexpressed in a number of cancers. Could GRP be the game-changer in treating these deadly diseases?

About Orano Med

Orano Med is revolutionizing the field of nuclear medicine with its innovative radiopharmaceutical therapies in oncology. By developing new processes for producing lead-212 (212Pb) – a rare radioactive isotope used in targeted alpha therapy – Orano Med is paving the way for a more precise, and less destructive, method of cancer treatment. Currently, the company is conducting two clinical trials: a phase II trial of 212Pb-DOTAMTATE for treating metastatic neuroendocrine tumors, and a 212Pb-GRPR trial, which could offer revolutionary results in the fight against cancer. With these promising treatments, Orano Med is looking to the future of cancer treatment.

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