Revolutionary Partnership: Novozymes and Bactolife Unite to Combat Post-Weaning Pig Woes, Slashing Antibiotics and Boosting Piglet Health!

Breaking Barriers in Swine Health: Novozymes and Bactolife Forge a Powerful Alliance to Tackle Post-Weaning Diarrhea in Piglets and Transform the Antibiotic Landscape!

Copenhagen, Denmark – September 4, 2023. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Novozymes and Danish biotech trailblazers, Bactolife, have sealed a pact to unveil their game-changing biosolution, Ablacto+. This remarkable innovation employs the magic touch of binding proteins to bestow stability upon the delicate piglet gut, a revolutionary step towards curbing the reliance on antibiotics.

Post weaning diarrhea (PWD), a global scourge triggered by E. coli infections in weaned piglets, has met its match. The economic toll of PWD rings in at a staggering EUR 1-2 billion per year worldwide, not to mention its status as the primary driver behind antibiotic use in weaner pigs. In Denmark, where antibiotics are a crucial resource, weaners guzzle up 49% of the total antibiotic consumption in the porcine kingdom (DANMAP 2021).

Sofie Louise Trads, the Animal Health Director at Novozymes, exclaims, “Post weaning diarrhea is a towering hurdle in the swine industry, but today marks a turning point. Our partnership with Bactolife heralds the birth of innovative biosolutions, poised to fortify piglet guts, elevate productivity, and dramatically diminish the need for antibiotics.”

Sebastian Søderberg, the CEO of Bactolife, adds his enthusiasm, “This partnership with Novozymes is nothing short of a milestone. It’s a resounding validation of Bactolife’s technology prowess, opening up a world of potential in the Animal Health arena. The future holds exciting prospects for both parties.”

Sandra Wingaard Thrane, the CSO at Bactolife, shares the vision, “From the inception of Bactolife, Ablacto+ has led the charge in showcasing the transformative power of highly targeted binding proteins. With Ablacto+, we’re championing animal welfare and global health, as antibiotic use takes a backseat and animal vitality takes center stage.

Reduces the need for antibiotics

Meet Ablacto+: The Marvelous Solution Set to Revolutionize Swine Health! This cutting-edge feed additive is no ordinary concoction—it’s a potent blend of binding proteins, meticulously crafted to wage war against gastrointestinal infections, including the notorious Post-Weaning Diarrhea (PWD).

Novozymes and Bactolife are embarking on a quest that could rewrite the rules of antibiotic usage in pigs, potentially curbing the menacing specter of antibiotic resistance in both swine and humans. Their biosolution, Ablacto+, with its innovative mode of action, promises to be a game-changer of epic proportions.

The stage is set, and Ablacto+ has already dazzled in grand swine trials, hinting at its potential to transform the industry. Now, Novozymes and Bactolife join forces to put the finishing touches on this remarkable product and take it to market. Novozymes, with its global reach, will not only develop and produce Ablacto+ but will also lead the charge in marketing and sales.

Mark your calendars for 2026, because that’s when Ablacto+ is poised to make its grand entrance, potentially reshaping the landscape of swine health as we know it!

About Bactolife A/S

Enter the realm of Danish innovation where Bactolife reigns supreme. This industrial biotech marvel harnesses the power of Binding Protein technology, a secret weapon in the fight against the growing menace of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the pervasive scourge of gastrointestinal diseases.

Bactolife’s proprietary platform is nothing short of a scientific wonder, a wizardry that lets them handpick and craft Binding Proteins, the unsung heroes that take on toxins without laying a finger on bacteria growth or annihilation. It’s a breakthrough that promises to reshape the landscape of health, with solutions catering to the unique needs of Mothers & Children, the Elderly, Immunodeficient individuals, Travelers & Deployed troops, and even our four-legged friends in the realm of Animal Health.

About Novozymes

Novozymes: Crafting a Better Tomorrow, One Biological Breakthrough at a Time! We’re not just a company; we’re the trailblazers of bioinnovation, leading the charge in shaping a brighter future.

In our quest, we stand shoulder to shoulder with customers, partners, and the global community, forging a path to industrial excellence while nurturing our precious planet’s resources and enhancing lives worldwide.

At Novozymes, we wield the power of enzymes and microbial technologies like no other. We’re the architects of higher agricultural yields, the champions of low-temperature washing, the architects of energy-efficient production, and the architects of renewable fuels. Our mission? To deliver the gifts of today and tomorrow, as we usher in a world brimming with benefits beyond imagination!

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