Revolutionary Super Trillion Light Chain Antibody Discovery Platform Unveiled by Sanyou!

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is thrilled to introduce their revolutionary “Sanyou Super Trillion Common Light Chain Antibody Discovery Platform”, which promises to revolutionize the field of antibody research.

Unlock the potential of antibodies with Sanyou’s 1.12E+12 CFU capacity platform. For any single target, the platform can generate hundreds of lead antibodies with distinctive sequences, providing a great opportunity to create innovative bispecific antibodies with incredible drug developability. With this cutting-edge solution, researchers can now discover and develop monoclonal antibodies that faithfully replicate the natural version.

As of March 2023, the revolutionary field of bispecific antibodies is surging ahead, with 436 drug candidates now in clinical trials and 10 already approved for marketing with global sales of over 5 billion USD. Bispecific antibodies offer a major upgrade on monoclonal antibodies, offering enhanced specificity and superior targeting capabilities. It’s clear that the versatility and potential of this remarkable new technology is opening up a world of exciting possibilities for the healthcare industry.

The carefully established antibody library of our platform has already proven to be of great potential in multiple application scenarios. After aligning and screening 1830 light chain sequences followed by the validation of 25 libraries and characterization of 12 light chains, two common light chains emerged as the superior choice for our bispecific antibodies. The heavy chains featured natural antibody properties and high diversity, while the knob-into-hole technology eliminated any mismatch and ensured correct pairing of the antibodies.

What’s more, the drug developability of the generated bispecific antibodies was excellent. Thanks to the carefully established antibody library, our platform can now be used to develop bispecific antibodies, implement dual-targeting or bi-paratopic ADC’s, and create therapeutic or detection antibodies.

Following the customer-oriented concept, the platform provides two types of services, i.e., library screening and library integration, making it not only suitable for the R&D service of individual projects, but also for customers’ integration into their own platforms with the exclusively customized common light chain libraries.

It is believed that the launch of the platform will provide customers with great assistance in overcoming the difficulties in the R&D of bispecific antibody drugs, reducing the challenges in the development of bispecific antibody drugs, and greatly accelerating the R&D of bispecific antibodies.

About Sanyou Bio

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a pioneering leader in the high-tech biotechnology arena, devoted to crafting revolutionary biological drugs. Our unwavering mission is to make it simpler than ever to find distinguished and pioneering treatments at all stages of the drug research and development process, from inception to delivery. We have put together a 4C business model to make this mission a reality: Differentiated CRO, Integrated CDO, Innovative CPO and Characteristic CRS, all united in a single mission.

Sanyou has stepped into a new era of innovative biological drug R&D by unveiling their impressive twenty thousand square meter laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Their three industry-leading platforms, featuring “super-trillion, integration, and intelligence” are all connected by the core super-trillion phage display platform, and supported by an array of material preparation, antibody discovery, molecule optimization, in vitro and in vivo efficacy, production cell line construction, upstream and downstream process development, preclinical R&D, and industrialization development platforms.

At Sanyou, we strive to stay ahead of the game, launching innovative and reliable upgrades and new versions of our technology and platform regularly. With over 1000 pharmaceutical, R&D and diagnostic companies as our trusted partners in business worldwide, our commitment to be the best is unwavering. Come join us in pushing the boundaries of science and technology and experience a new generation of healthcare solutions!

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