Revolutionary ZSFab Cervical Interbody System Used for First Time in US for ACDF Surgery

ZSFab, Inc., a 3D-printing medical device company, is thrilled to announce a milestone achievement – the successful use of the ZSFab Cervical Interbody System in its first clinical case in the United States. Dr. Fernando Villamil, Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Center for Orthopedic Reconstruction and Excellence (CORE) Hospital in Jenks, Oklahoma, performed the procedure.

Dr. Villamil, who completed his spine fellowship at Harvard’s combined fellowship program at Massachusetts General Hospital with Dr. Kirkham Wood and Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Dr. Christopher Bono, currently serves as chair of the ZSFab medical advisory board as well as the leading surgeon in the cervical and lateral design teams.

The ZSFab Cervical Interbody System is revolutionizing cervical fusion surgeries with its innovative, additively manufactured titanium implant. This implant features a unique triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS) lattice structure that distributes stress evenly and reduces subsidence.

Rigid teeth on the inferior and superior surfaces effectively resist migration and maximize contact surface area with the vertebral endplates for maximum stability. Available in a range of sizes for ACDF, the ZSFab interbody device is a cutting-edge solution for spinal fusion.

Dr. Villamil praised the ZSFab Cervical Interbody device, highlighting its optimized lattice design, which allows for bony ingrowth and generous biologic material placement, all while ensuring strength and subsidence performance.

Dr. Villamil has just successfully implanted the first ZSFab cervical interbody device – a revolutionary product engineered for optimal bony integration, minimal debris, high fatigue strength and minimized subsidence.

As CEO of ZSFab, Dr. Jing Zhang is elated with the outcome and determined to continue providing spine solutions of the highest quality in order to improve patient outcomes with shortened recovery time and reduced revision rates.

The ZSFab Cervical Interbody System has already made its mark in the medical world, proving its success after it was successfully implanted in clinical cases in China. Now, it has reached a new milestone – its first clinical use in the United States.

About ZSFab

ZSFab is revolutionizing the spine and orthopaedic device industry with their cutting-edge products. Founded in 2017 and based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, the company designs and 3D-prints high-performing solutions that integrate software tools, advanced modeling and optimization methods. ZSFab is committed to providing innovative solutions that can help improve the quality of life for patients.

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