Revolutionizing Cellular Engineering: Microfluidic Platform to be Unveiled at ASGCT 2023!

FE Inc., a cutting-edge microfluidics company focused on revolutionizing the development and production of advanced cell therapies, is proud to announce the launch of its next-generation Infinity Mtx™ cellular engineering platform. This revolutionary technology utilizes rapid cell compression and re-expansion to transport a target payload directly into the cell.

Attendees of the upcoming 2023 American Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ASGCT) annual meeting, May 16-20, will have the exclusive opportunity to witness the Infinity Mtx™ in action.

CellFE’s microfluidic cellular engineering platform is revolutionizing the biopharmaceutical industry – enabling high yields of edited cells, expedited cell recovery and expansion times, and efficient uptake of diverse payloads. This translates to shorter vein-to-vein times and lower manufacturing costs, making this platform a game-changer for biopharmaceutical production.

We are thrilled to present the Infinity MTx™ system at ASGCT 2023! CellFE’s microfluidic cellular engineering technology is the pinnacle of innovation, boasting speed, scalability, and efficiency that will revolutionize the way cell therapies are developed for those in need. Our cutting-edge technology will make it easier than ever for researchers to create more effective and accessible treatments.

About CellFE

CellFE is revolutionizing the development and manufacture of life-saving cell therapies, making them more accessible to patients. Their innovative microfluidics technology uses rapid cell compression and re-expansion to actively transport a payload into cells with higher yields and fewer processing times. This reduces the vein-to-vein time and manufacturing costs associated with advanced cell therapies. CellFE is dedicated to partnering with their customers to develop next-generation cell therapies, and solve the challenges of this burgeoning field.

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