Revolutionizing Data Analysis: Empowering All with Scale Biosciences and Basepair in the World of Single Cell Sequencing

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a leap towards scientific advancement, Scale Biosciences, Inc. (aka ScaleBio), a trailblazer in single-cell sequencing technology, has unveiled an exciting partnership with Basepair. Together, they’re set to redefine the landscape of data analysis by offering an intuitive bioinformatic analysis of single-cell data using ScaleBio’s innovative combinatorial indexing technology.

This collaboration is poised to empower researchers with a user-friendly, web-based interface that opens the doors to streamlined adoption of cutting-edge single-cell protocols, eliminating the barriers of bioinformatics know-how.

The pioneering ScaleBio Seq Suite, seamlessly integrated into the Basepair platform, ushers in a new era of convenience for researchers. By uploading fastq and BCL files, scientists can dive into data analysis through an interactive GUI, swiftly generating comprehensive reports for individual samples and entire libraries.

These reports encompass tools that gauge data quality and produce a cell-gene matrix, aligning with popular open-source single-cell analysis workflows like Seurat and Scanpy. Moreover, this collaboration equips customers to embrace Scale Biosciences’ technology without the need for extensive IT and bioinformatics infrastructure investments, utilizing a secure cloud-based approach for data storage and sharing.

Giovanna Prout, the visionary CEO of Scale Biosciences, underlines the significance of the partnership: “Unraveling the complexities of sequencing data analysis remains a major hurdle for researchers, particularly with data-intensive next-gen sequencing applications. Our mission is to provide the scientific community with bioinformatics solutions that cater to various budgets and research queries. By teaming up with Basepair, we’re empowering resource-constrained organizations to seamlessly transform samples into actionable insights.”

Amit Sinha, PhD, the Founder of Basepair, sheds light on the collaboration’s essence: “At its core, Basepair empowers technology pioneers like Scale Biosciences to offer unwavering support to research scientists across computational spectrums. With our groundbreaking federated analysis approach, we’re excited to empower Scale Biosciences’ clientele with comprehensive data understanding and research acceleration, all within their direct control.”

Get ready to witness the evolution of data analysis as Scale Biosciences and Basepair forge a path towards efficient, user-centric single-cell sequencing exploration.

About Scale Biosciences

Unleashing the Power of Singular Insights: ScaleBio’s Journey of Discovery

At the heart of groundbreaking scientific exploration stands ScaleBio, a visionary force in the realm of single-cell sequencing solutions. Imagine a team of brilliant minds—a symphony of scientists and technologists—melding their expertise in next-gen sequencing, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Their mission? To unravel the mysteries hidden within individual cells and revolutionize the landscape of discovery. United by a common purpose, ScaleBio shatters the confines of traditional analysis, paving the way for boundless breakthroughs.

Behind this innovation lies the support of life sciences trailblazers—ARCH Venture Partners, BNG, and Tao Capital—propelling ScaleBio’s journey of innovation. With R&D hubs nestled in the vibrant landscapes of San Diego and Menlo Park, CA, ScaleBio pulses with ingenuity, poised to rewrite the narrative of single-cell analysis. Step into a world where barriers fade, where the potential of every cell becomes a canvas for discovery, and where ScaleBio’s vision is a guiding star, lighting the way to new scientific horizons.

About Basepair

“Imagine a world where the secrets of life are unveiled, where the language of genes is translated into hope. At Basepair Inc, we don’t just work with data – we weave stories from the intricate strands of next-generation sequencing technology. Our mission? Empowering curious minds to grasp the profound significance of genomic data, all while guarding its integrity in its very place of origin.

As partners in progress, we fan the flames of scientific discovery, igniting pathways to revolutionary medicines and life-transforming treatments, lighting the way for patients yearning for a future of healing.”

About Basepair

“Picture a symphony of scientific minds coming together, each note resonating with expertise in next-gen sequencing, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. This harmonious convergence gave birth to ScaleBio – not just a company, but a voyage of discovery. Our crew of brilliant minds sails under the banner of unlocking the grand potential of single-cell analysis, vanquishing obstacles that stand in the way of groundbreaking revelations.

With ARCH Venture Partners, BNG, and Tao Capital as our compass, we navigate the seas of life sciences, guided by innovation. Our shipyards in San Diego and Menlo Park, CA, are where dreams set sail and curiosity knows no bounds.”

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