Revolutionizing Genetic Medicine: GeneFab Launches to Provide Cutting-Edge Manufacturing and Synthetic Biology Design Services

With its cutting-edge cGMP facility in San Francisco Bay Area, GeneFab is ready to take on new customers, offering expertise in complex cell and gene therapy manufacturing, including allogeneic and autologous cell therapy, viral vector and critical starting materials development. Leading the way is Dr. Philip Lee, the former Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer from Senti Bio, who is here to bring the very best in cutting-edge treatments and technologies.

GeneFab, LLC (“GeneFab”), a contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) servicing the cell and gene therapy industry and partnered with Celadon Partners, LLC’s private equity firm, today announced an exciting transaction with Senti Biosciences, Inc. (“Senti Bio”). GeneFab will sublease Senti Bio’s current good manufacturing practice (“cGMP”) facility with certain conditions.

Furthermore, GeneFab will acquire Senti Bio’s chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) capabilities for an aggregate deal consideration of approximately $38 million. In conjunction with the transaction, Senti Bio Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Philip Lee, PhD, will take the role of Chief Executive Officer of GeneFab.

GeneFab, the leader in early stage product design, technical development, and GMP production, is located in a sprawling 92,000 square foot state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility in Alameda, California. With an impressive 42,000 square feet dedicated to Phase 1/2 clinical trial materials, GeneFab possesses the capacity to support and produce complex cell and gene therapy advancements, such as allogeneic and autologous cell therapy, viral vector and cell banking.

GeneFab is thrilled to announce the launch of our new company, designed to accelerate the design, development, and manufacturing of cutting-edge genetic medicines. Our team is at the forefront of synthetic biology and manufacturing, enabling us to provide specialized expertise and services to cell and gene therapy companies worldwide.

We strive to be an extension of our customers’ teams, empowering them to turn groundbreaking scientific research into life-changing treatments and therapies for those who need it most. Join us as we make strides to improve lives and transform medicine for years to come.

In 2021, Senti Bio initiated the Alameda-based facility to provide a customized end-to-end clinical and commercial-scale cell therapy manufacturing solution. This year, the buildout was completed and GeneFab, backed by Celadon Partners, took over the facility via a sublease. Available employment opportunities include positions in cell therapy, CMC, and synthetic biology, with approximately 50 employees to recruit. Moreover, GeneFab will be supporting Senti Bio’s CAR-NK pipeline through a service contract.

At Celadon Partners, we are thrilled to be active investors in supply chain transformation and are delighted to support GeneFab to lead the charge in biomanufacturing. With next generation cell and gene therapies for delivering “miracle medicines,” GeneFab is a critical component that accelerates the objective while allowing its clients to focus capital resources on future milestones. This transaction showcases our commitment to working together with management teams and shareholders to develop tailored solutions that meet changing business needs and objectives!

GeneFab is paving the way for groundbreaking treatments that have the potential to revolutionize the lives of patients through its end-to-end cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing services. Jonathan Su, Managing Director at Celadon Partners, is excited to see how GeneFab’s innovative work will bring about healing and restoration. He looks forward to what the future holds for this company.

About GeneFab

At GeneFab, we’re focusing on cell and gene therapies and accelerating the development and commercialization of genetic medicines. We offer an extensive technology platform that covers product design, technical development, and cGMP compliant production. Our capabilities span bioinformatic-guided discovery for cell-type promoters, directed evolution for small molecule-regulated gene switches, and engineering of kill switches for enhanced safety and control. Our mission is to transform the future of medicine by using cutting-edge synthetic biology to develop breakthrough treatments.

About Celadon Partners

At Celadon Partners, we believe in the power of transformation when it comes to making traditional industries thrive. Founded in 2018, we have approximately US$1 billion of assets under management, and we specialize in investments across the industrial, healthcare, consumer and business services sectors.

We provide our portfolio companies with strategic, capital markets, and operational expertise to ensure long-term success. Our mission is to unlock fundamental value and upgrade existing business models for the industries in which we invest.

About Senti Bio

Senti Biosciences is pioneering a new era of cell and gene therapies to treat incurable diseases. Our novel platform, Gene Circuits, is designed to boost precision and control to target and kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones. Our groundbreaking CAR-NK cell pipelines promise to provide effective treatments for even the most difficult liquid and solid tumors.

Additionally, our partnerships with Spark Therapeutics and BlueRock Therapeutics enable us to explore the potential of Gene Circuits in additional modalities, and in diseases outside of oncology. We are excited to push the boundaries of biotechnology, and to improve chances of a better future for those living with incurable diseases.

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