Revolutionizing Lab Automation: Thrive Bioscience Launches CellAssist 4.0 with Enhanced Imaging Features

Thrive Bioscience Inc. is revolutionizing the field of live cell imaging with their newest Release 4.0 of their CellAssist software. This integrated suite of groundbreaking capabilities offers users a unique and exciting suite of features that make live cell imaging more intuitive and accessible than ever before. With Thrive Bioscience’s innovative instruments and software, researchers and scientists can explore the inner workings of living cells with ease, unlocking a wealth of new possibilities.

Thrive’s CellAssist networkable instruments provide a revolutionary breakthrough for researchers, allowing them to automatically capture thousands of time-series images with multiple focal planes on up to 50 cell culture plates. This impressive imaging system supports phase contrast and bright-field imaging at 4x, 10x, and 20x resolutions across a range of plate sizes from 6-well to 384-well round bottom and flat bottom plates. Unlock the potential of your research with CellAssist!

The CellAssist family offers revolutionary insights into cell and tissue dynamics with its comprehensive range of products. From its benchtop model to its 50-plate robotic model, CellAssist’s advanced software creates databases of detailed images, metrics, and documentation to make your research more efficient and accurate. Unlock the potential of your cells and tissues with CellAssist!

CellAssist’s cutting-edge family product line features advanced hardware and software capabilities to make life easier. From intuitive user interfaces to powerful analytics, this collection of devices and services is designed to help you stay connected and organized like never before. Whether you’re keeping track of family finances or scheduling your daily routine, CellAssist has you covered. Take advantage of the latest technology to power up your life today!

Discover the power of 4mm z-range imaging with up to 100+ user-selectable focal planes ranging from 2 µm to 50 µm apart – all at an impressive 40% faster capture rates! Our advanced imaging correction features enable reliable results even in cell culture plates with physical variations. Plus, you can image round bottom 6-well to 384-well plates with ease. And with our spheroid area and volume calculation toolkit, you can generate gigabytes of images in minutes!

Thrive’s CellAssist family of products, including the cutting-edge software Release 4.0, offers researchers a powerful suite of imaging capabilities that will revolutionize organoid imaging, IVF imaging, viral plaque assays, gene editing (CRISPR), and stem cell production. According to Thomas Farb-Horch, CEO of Thrive, these tools will revolutionize the research process and lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Thrive was proud to unveil a brand new suite of capabilities at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening’s annual meeting in San Diego. These exciting new products are set to revolutionize laboratory automation and screening, and will be officially launched following the conference. Don’t miss your chance to experience the future of laboratory automation and screening – join us at the conference and be among the first to experience Thrive’s groundbreaking suite of products!

About Thrive Bioscience

Thrive Bioscience, located in the Boston area, is revolutionizing the way we study live cells, stem cells and tissues. With their cutting-edge instruments and integrated software tools, researchers and scientists can now analyze and automate cell culture imaging with unprecedented accuracy. With the ability to capture and store terabytes of data, Thrive’s solutions provide groundbreaking insights into the dynamics of cells and their behavior.

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