Revolutionizing Lab Experiences with LiVeritas Biosciences’ LiLii™ Platform – a Revolutionary AI-Powered Laboratory Ecosystem!

LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc. is proud to announce the beta testing of the revolutionary LiLii™ platform – a cutting-edge, fully integrated laboratory ecosystem that leverages LiVeritas® AI technology to revolutionize drug development cycles, providing unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.

With LiLii™, drug developers now have access to a streamlined, automated workflow that can drastically reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity, setting the bar for the future of drug discovery.

LiLii™ is a revolutionary SaaS platform that changes the way pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers think about analytics. Combining the power of analytical tools and an intelligent biopharma knowledge base, LiLii streamlines data processing, analysis, and reporting in one seamless, intuitive interface. This eliminates the need for multiple software packages and accelerates drug development, helping researchers generate superior quality data and analytics faster than ever before!

LiLii is the perfect platform for operations teams, unifying project management, CRM, document management and communications into one powerful tool. Through LiLii’s instant translation of data into scientifically useful information, onboarding processes for client and lab-generated information become drastically faster and more accurate, ensuring the utmost accuracy while reducing time and risk for project initiation.

With LiLii, drug developers can experience an unprecedented revolution in data processing: 15x faster with improved integrity than traditional manual tools and siloed workflows. This increased efficacy and reliability is accompanied with fewer costs and fewer risks, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

At LiVeritas, we’ve developed the LiLii platform to revolutionize client-business communications. No longer do clients need to communicate with multiple disparate channels—LiLii serves as a centralized hub, aggregating information with complete transparency and traceability for efficient and optimized services. With LiLii, our team is able to perform analytical services more quickly and effectively, giving our customers an unparalleled experience.

LiLii is revolutionizing the analytical testing industry with its advanced AI capabilities. Not only does it help biopharmaceutical companies optimize their internal testing processes, but it can also be integrated into any laboratory, regardless of industry.

The cutting-edge technology allows laboratories to access skilled expertise pool in high demand, replacing laborious manual testing with reliable results in a fraction of the time. Its AI capabilities give users the capacity to make faster, more informed decisions, enhancing accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

The LiLii platform is the culmination of an ambitious vision created by our founder and CEO, Lieza Danan, Ph.D., while leading biopharma mass spectrometry and analytical development functions.

With her team’s complementary expertise in chemistry, computer engineering, and over 100 years of analytical testing experience, Lieza has developed a state-of-the-art, tech-enabled platform that provides streamlined and automated workflows to generate top-notch and consistent data.

Unlocking previously untapped value in the Biopharma Industry 4.0 and beyond, LiVeritas Biosciences has created a powerful platform that can quickly and efficiently deliver actionable insights.

The LiLii platform offers a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution, allowing businesses to expand and adapt their strategies quickly and conveniently. With its modular, expandable architecture, LiLii makes integrating with existing ERP systems a breeze – providing a unified system that helps power your business’s success.

About LiVeritas Biosciences 

LiVeritas Biosciences is revolutionizing the way we approach analytical testing, by embracing digital strategies and by speeding up timelines through the use of groundbreaking new technologies.

Established in 2020 for the fourth industrial revolution, LiVeritas utilizes top-notch LC-MS instrumentation and an extensive range of innovative analytical services. Moreover, they have created the LiLii platform to make drug development easier and more efficient, by allowing for the integration of mass spec data in clinical and pre-clinical trials aimed at curing human diseases.

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