Revolutionizing Labs: Roche Unveils CCM Vertical, a Game-Changer for Boosting Laboratory Efficiency!

  • Elevating Laboratory Efficiency: Roche’s Innovation Expands cobas® Connection Modules with Dynamic Elevator and Overhead Conveyors for Unmatched Flexibility!
  • Unlocking Space and Speed: Embrace Maximum Efficiency with CCM Vertical! Elevate Your Lab’s Potential with Up to 2,500 Samples per Hour Without Compromising Space.
  • Building Blocks of Innovation: Experience Seamless Connectivity with the Fully Modular System! Navigate Your Lab’s Work Areas with Ease, Facilitating Sample Transport Across Floors and Rooms, All Without Interruption.

Innovative Leap in Lab Tech! Roche’s Latest Breakthrough Unveiled in Basel, Switzerland — Introducing CCM Vertical, the Future of Sample Transportation. Say Goodbye to Conventional Constraints as Overhead Conveyors Revolutionize Workflows. Seamlessly Connect Work Areas, Ensure Accessibility, and Elevate Efficiency with the Power to Move Samples Across Levels!

Navigating Healthcare’s Evolution: As healthcare adapts at lightspeed, the hunger for automation grows fiercer! With experts in short supply, demands for lightning-fast results surge, and errors must dwindle. But wait, there’s more! Space woes in labs add another twist, making the quest for increased testing capacity a true odyssey.

Pioneering Healthcare Evolution: Ann Costello, the Visionary Head of Roche Diagnostics Solutions at Roche Diagnostics, boldly declares, “In the ever-shifting landscape of healthcare, laboratories and clinicians must orchestrate a symphony of efficiency without missing a beat in patient care.” Enter the spotlight, CCM Vertical! This game-changer not only simplifies and turbocharges testing for labs of all shades and sizes but also fuels the engine of clinical decisions, propelling patient care to new horizons.

Redefining Possibilities: Enter the stage, CCM Vertical! Picture a dynamic masterpiece of modular ingenuity, designed to conquer challenges head-on. Elevators, overhead conveyors, and turn units unite in perfect harmony, presenting a symphony of solutions. This innovation seamlessly joins forces with existing CCM systems, upholding the gold standard of quality, reliability, and performance—just like its horizontal counterpart.

But that’s not all! CCM Vertical dances across floors and ceilings, knitting labs together in a tapestry of connectivity. Behold, the alchemy that transforms cramped spaces into avenues of potential, where possibilities ascend across countless floors and rooms.

About CCM Vertical

Masterpiece of Customization: Roche’s innovation canvas stretches far and wide, with solutions that embrace labs of every scale—whether they hum with low, mid, or high volumes. Imagine a symphony of adaptability, ready to expand on-site at a moment’s notice. Behold, the curtain rises on an era of automation, where pre- and post-analytical tasks waltz into automation’s embrace, ensuring efficiency reigns supreme.

The magic? Manual steps vanish, replaced by a ballet of precision that uplifts error management, safety, and process excellence. But that’s not all—this marvel intertwines instruments physically, weaving a fabric of predictability that brings the gift of time to test results.

Unveiling the Building Blocks: Picture a symphony of innovation, composed of meticulously crafted components:

  • Elevator Units: Stand tall or bow low with adjustable walk-through heights (1.87 – 2.24 meters).
  • Overhead Conveyor Units: The maestros of seamless transportation.
  • Overhead Turntable Units: The graceful spinners in this dance of efficiency.

But this is only the opening act! Roche’s entire portfolio of laboratory automation marvels awaits your exploration, ready to spark the imagination.

*Please note, the availability of CCM Vertical may vary based on local market demands

About Roche

Fast forward to today, where the pursuit of scientific brilliance ignites a mission to craft not just medicines and diagnostics, but miracles. Roche’s story is one of weaving hope and healing, enhancing and preserving lives across the globe. The stage is set for personalized healthcare to take center spotlight, with Roche leading the charge to revolutionize the very fabric of medical delivery.

But our journey transcends accolades. With each stride we take, we paint a tapestry of accessibility, weaving healthcare’s intricate threads alongside local allies in every corner of the world. This isn’t just a distinction; it’s a promise fulfilled, a symphony of impact composed by our collective effort.

Global Synergy Unleashed: Imagine a grand tapestry woven across continents—Genentech, a prized gem in the Roche Group, shines brilliantly in the United States. Across the Pacific, in the land of the rising sun, Roche’s resonance is felt as the maestro guiding the melody of Chugai Pharmaceutical in Japan.

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