Revolutionizing Molecular Imaging: Curio Bioscience Launches Groundbreaking High-Resolution Spatial Transcriptomics Solution

Curio Bioscience has just taken a giant leap forward in the world of gene expression mapping with the launch of Curio Seeker – the world’s first high-resolution, whole-transcriptome spatial mapping kit! Based on the revolutionary Slide-seq technique developed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Curio Seeker makes it easier than ever for any laboratory to generate spatial data from tissue samples with an easy-to-use workflow.

Curio Bioscience Co-founder and CEO Steve Fodor, Ph.D., believes that Curio Seeker, the company’s revolutionary new tool for life science researchers, has the potential to revolutionize how discoveries are made and our understanding of human biology. With high-resolution transcriptomics information available for any organism of choice, Curio Seeker is set to become the new industry standard for spatial transcriptomics, providing researchers with capabilities that go beyond what is possible with existing single-cell sequencing approaches.

Curio’s team of academic co-founders are turning heads in the scientific world. Led by Evan Macosko, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and Institute Member at the Broad Institute, the team also includes Fei Chen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Harvard University’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology and Core Institute Member at the Broad, as well as Samuel Rodriques, Ph.D., Group Leader at The Francis Crick Institute. Together, they are pioneering innovative approaches to improve mental health.

Researchers have long been searching for a way to achieve both high transcriptomic coverage and resolution in spatial genomics tools. Now, thanks to a novel and validated technique developed by researchers, Curio Seeker is able to provide researchers with the ability to use existing sequencing instrumentation to generate unbiased, high-resolution spatial transcriptomics data across many tissue types and species. This revolutionary discovery unlocks new avenues for basic scientific discovery.

Curio Seeker revolutionizes tissue imaging by providing the capability to generate images based on molecular profiling of cells in their native environment. Using standard next generation sequencers, Curio Seeker captures and maps the location of RNA molecules to shed light on the complex relationship between cells and their environment. This technology can be used to gain insights into developmental biology, assess the immunological response to cancer, and discover molecular signatures that predict disease progression or treatment response. It promises to accelerate the pace of biomedical research.

Curio Seeker is revolutionizing the biological research field with its industry-leading resolution and plug-and-play workflow that allows for whole-transcriptome, spatial mapping of tissue. Unlike any other technique available today, Curio Seeker provides unparalleled insight into cellular neighborhoods, making it a must-have tool for any biologist. According to Curio Co-founder and CTO Christina Fan, Ph.D., “No other technique on the market today provides the depth and breadth of information on cellular neighborhoods that Curio Seeker can for biological research.”

Discover the power of high-resolution transcriptomic data with Curio Seeker, the first in a suite of products from the company designed to unlock the full potential of existing sequencing instrumentation. Boasting industry-leading 1-2 cell average resolution that eliminates gaps in information, Curio Seeker makes it easy for scientists to get the most out of their samples. Compatible with all Illumina sequencers, the kit integrates seamlessly into existing sequencing workflows with no extra equipment required. Unlock the hidden insights in your data with Curio Seeker today!

The revolutionary Curio Seeker has provided an invaluable window into the microenvironment and the intricate relationships between cells within different tissues. This cutting-edge tool has been employed across a range of organisms, allowing researchers to gain insight into the intricate interactions between diverse cell populations. Its ease of implementation and affordability have made it an invaluable asset to the scientific community. Dr. Angela Pisco, Assistant Director Bioinformatics of Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, has praised Curio Seeker for its unprecedented ability to simplify complex biological challenges.

About Curio Bioscience

Curio Bioscience is revolutionizing the life sciences industry with their cutting-edge tools designed to map the entire transcriptome with unprecedented accuracy. Founded in Palo Alto, California, the experienced team behind Curio has a proven record of success in bringing genomic solutions to market. Join them in their mission to shape the future of life sciences and explore the possibilities of high-precision spatial biology.

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