Revolutionizing Suicide Prediction: Dr. Thomas Ichim Takes the Helm of Campbell Neurosciences, Inc.

Today, Therapeutic Solutions International’s spinoff company, Campbell Neurosciences, announced the appointment of Thomas Ichim, Ph.D., as President and Chief Executive Officer, replacing Kalina O’Connor, the founder of Campbell Neurosciences who will now move into the role of Chief Visionary Officer. Dr. Ichim brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, as well as a passion for advancing the company’s mission.

Dr. Ichim is a successful entrepreneur and inventor, with 300 published or issued patent applications and 120 peer-reviewed papers to his name. After taking the helm of Medistem as its CEO, he steered the company from a 7 cent stock price to an eventual sale at $1.35 to Intrexon, a publicly-traded entity on the NYSE.

In addition to Medistem, he co-founded Biorasi, Immune Advisors, Regen BioPharma, and the Coma Research Institute. Dr. Ichim has also served on the board of Therapeutic Solutions International since 2016, and on numerous other profit and nonprofit boards.

Kalina O’Connor, Thomas Ichim, and Timothy Dixon co-founded Campbell Neurosciences with the aim of validating the notion that in some cases, suicide should be treated as a disease with biological underpinnings. Through clinical trials, they have made great strides in demonstrating the efficacy of this approach.

Dr. Ichim has been a major driving force in the development and growth of Campbell Neurosciences, taking on fundamental tasks such as patenting, device manufacturing, clinical trials, and capitalization of the Company. As a result of his dedication and experience, O’Connor is proud to hand the reins over to this biotechnology leader.

Campbell Neurosciences stands as a tribute to Kathleen Campbell, the beloved mother of Kalina O’Connor, whose untimely passing by suicide sparked a passion to help those struggling with mental health issues. By providing innovative neuroscience research and treatments, Campbell Neurosciences strives to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

Ms. O’Connor has demonstrated outstanding leadership since the start of Therapeutic Solutions International. Her efforts to recruit Dr. Ichim as the company’s CEO are a testament to her unwavering commitment to its success.

Timothy Dixon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, has praised Ms. O’Connor’s dedication and praised her for her efforts in helping the company reach its goals.

Dr. Ichim accepted the position of leadership with great respect and honor. “We are in a race against time to save the lives of those being taken from us too soon,” he declared. “It is a tragedy that every five minutes a suicide is taking place.” With a renewed sense of purpose, Dr. Ichim is determined to make a difference in the fight against suicide.

About Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.

Therapeutic Solutions International is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by harnessing the power of immune modulation to effectively treat a variety of diseases. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and research, we are making groundbreaking strides in medical treatments and providing life-changing results for patients around the world.

About Campbell Neurosciences, Inc.

Campbell Neurosciences is on a mission to bring an end to the stigma of mental health disorders like Schizophrenia and suicide, by uncovering a biological basis for diagnosing and treating them. Our aim is to revolutionize the way we perceive and manage mental illness, and ultimately give individuals the care and support they need.

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