Revolutionizing the Surgical Experience: Sight Sciences Unveils the Ergo-Series of the OMNI® Surgical System

Sight Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGHT) is thrilled to announce the US launch of the Ergo-Series of the OMNI® Surgical System, the latest in eyecare technology. This revolutionary technology revolutionizes the way minimally invasive, implant-free glaucoma procedures are performed in adults with primary open-angle glaucoma. With its groundbreaking design, the OMNI® Surgical System is poised to revolutionize care and improve patient lives.

The OMNI Surgical System is revolutionizing the way glaucoma is treated, providing a minimally invasive solution that tackles all three known points of resistance in the aqueous outflow system. With its new Ergo-Series features, this system can be used before, during, or after cataract surgery, making it a powerful tool to help patients maintain their vision.

Revolutionize your surgical experience with improved handle ergonomics! Our new enhancements allow surgeons to more precisely rotate and position the cannula tip within Schlemm’s canal with effortless finger rotations, as opposed to cumbersome wrist adjustments. Enjoy a seamless and efficient procedure with these innovative features!

The new and improved viscoelastic preparation is a breeze to use! The detachable luer connector makes the process even simpler; just remove the viscoelastic cartridge and the handle will automatically detach, allowing for maximum clearance with the surgical microscope. No more hassle – use this advanced viscoelastic preparation with ease!

Introducing the Ergo-Series cannula tip – the latest design innovation that promises a gentle and precise access to Schlemm’s canal during the OMNI procedure. Featuring a unique profile, this cannula tip provides full 360-degree catheterization to ensure you get the most out of your procedure.

Dr. Reay Brown, MD, Sight Science’s Chief Medical Officer and Glaucoma Specialist, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Ergo-Series, an innovative, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery tool. This next-generation OMNI Surgical System not only maintains the same therapeutic functionality, but also adds additional benefits that are sure to enhance the glaucoma treatment experience.

The OMNI Surgical System has revolutionized glaucoma surgery, with its new cannula tip technology providing a more confident, gentle entry into Schlemm’s canal. According to glaucoma surgeon and founder of Westlake Eye Specialists, Zarmeena Vendal, MD, this technology provides an improved experience for both the patient and the practitioner. The technology allows practitioners to more naturally follow the path of the Schlemm’s canal and deliver a better outcome for the patient.

The OMNI Surgical System, Ergo-Series is a revolutionary device that enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive, implant-free surgery to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) in adults with primary open-angle glaucoma. This state-of-the-art system is indicated for canaloplasty (microcatheterization and transluminal viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal) and trabeculotomy (cutting of trabecular meshwork), providing a safe, effective procedure to reduce IOP in adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. Whether used before, in combination with, or following cataract surgery, the OMNI Surgical System provides an innovative and efficient solution to glaucoma management.

Sight Sciences CEO and co-founder Paul Badawi is proud to announce the introduction of the innovative OMNI Surgical System and its Ergo-Series, which promises to revolutionize the treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma. This system enables a surgeon to perform a circumferential and complete outflow procedure through a single clear corneal incision, thus addressing all three known points of resistance in the aqueous outflow system. According to initial feedback, the Ergo-Series of the OMNI Surgical System is set to become the gold standard in glaucoma treatment, bringing unprecedented benefits to patients everywhere.

The OMNI Surgical System’s Ergo-Series is set to make its global debut later this year, offering medical professionals around the world access to its cutting-edge technology for enhanced patient care.

About Sight Sciences

Sight Sciences is an eyecare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing care and improving patients’ lives. Through minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments, they seek to create more effective treatment paradigms that make a real difference to patient care. Their OMNI® Surgical System is a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) device designed to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). The SION™ Surgical Instrument is a bladeless, manually operated device used in ophthalmic surgical procedures. Meanwhile, the TearCare® System is a 510(k) cleared device used for localized heat therapy in adult patients with evaporative dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), providing office-based clearance of gland obstructions to address the leading cause of dry eye disease.

About the OMNI Surgical System

The OMNI® Surgical System is revolutionizing the way glaucoma is treated. This handheld, single-use device offers surgeons a minimally invasive approach to treating the disease, with 360-degree access to three primary points of resistance through a single clear corneal microincision. With OMNI, glaucoma can be treated quickly and effectively, bringing relief to patients in need.

OMNI has been FDA-cleared and CE-marked to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma. This is achieved through a two-step process of canaloplasty microcatheterization and viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal, followed by trabeculotomy, which involves cutting the trabecular meshwork. This procedure offers a safe and effective method to help manage glaucoma and protect your vision.

OMNI is not suitable for situations where the iridocorneal angle has been damaged or compromised, as it may be difficult or impossible to properly examine the angle or insert the microcatheter. It should not be used in cases of angle recession, neovascular glaucoma, chronic angle closure, narrow-angle glaucoma, traumatic or malignant glaucoma, narrow inlet canals with plateau iris, or in quadrants that have had previous MIGS implants.

OMNI technology is backed by a powerful intellectual property portfolio, with no fewer than 32 patents granted around the world. These patents ensure that innovators everywhere can benefit from the groundbreaking capabilities of this cutting-edge technology.

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