Ribbon Biolabs Taps Jodi Barrientos as Chief Business Officer to Catalyze Growth

Ribbon Biolabs, a leader in the field of DNA synthesis, is pleased to welcome Jodi Barrientos as its new Chief Business Officer. With over 17 years of experience in the life sciences and diagnostics industries, Jodi brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise in commercial strategy, operations, and enterprise development to the company.

As Chief Business Officer, she is tasked with driving the company forward in the burgeoning synthetic biology and genomics markets, providing clients from biopharma, biotech, and academia with the highest quality DNA molecules.

Ribbon Biolabs is delighted to welcome Jodi to its team to kick-start its Early Access Program. With Jodi’s vast experience and connections in the US – the world’s largest synthetic DNA market – Ribbon will benefit greatly. As the company expands its commercial activities, Jodi will be an invaluable asset in forging strong partnerships with biopharma and other industry players.

Ribbon Biolabs’ groundbreaking technology for producing ultra-long, complex synthetic DNA has the potential to revolutionize the way the market approaches DNA-based applications. We at Ribbon Biolabs are excited to have Jodi Barrientos onboard as our Chief Business Officer, as she brings with her a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to establish strong partnerships and drive commercial scale production of this innovative technology worldwide.

Barrientos brings a wealth of experience in commercial marketing and product management to Ribbon Biolabs. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Commercial Marketing for the Diagnostics Genomics Group at Agilent Technologies, where she drove market access and executed strategic M&A activities.

She also held leadership roles in Commercial Operations and Sales for both clinical and research markets. Prior to that, Barrientos served in Global Product Management positions at Qiagen GmbH and Field and Technical Applications at Roche Diagnostics. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from Purdue University.

About Ribbon Biolabs

At Ribbon Biolabs, we are revolutionizing the field of synthetic biology by pushing the boundaries of DNA synthesis beyond current technologies. Our InfiniSynth® platform—which is automated and enzyme-based—enables us to deliver DNA molecules of any size or sequence with unparalleled accuracy and speed. With this highly differentiated approach, we are paving the way for the biopharmaceutical industry to unlock the next wave of innovation and create lasting value for our partners.

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