Samsung Biologics and BMS Join Forces in $242M Pact to Power Up Cancer-Fighting Antibodies!

In a whirlwind year of groundbreaking partnerships, Samsung Biologics is making waves in the biotech world. The South Korean powerhouse has just expanded its collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) to include the production of a top-secret cancer-fighting antibody, bringing their total deal to a staggering $242 million.

This exciting development will unfold at Samsung’s state-of-the-art Plant 4 in Sangdo, South Korea – their newest and grandest manufacturing facility. John Rim, the CEO of Samsung Biologics, expressed his pride and excitement about the partnership’s potential to deliver life-saving medicines to patients worldwide.

But this is just one of the many triumphs for Samsung Biologics in 2023. They’ve locked arms with Pfizer in a monumental two-part deal worth nearly $900 million, granting Pfizer access to Plant 4 for the production of crucial biosimilar products, especially for oncology and inflammation.

Samsung Biologics also sealed deals with industry giants Eli Lilly, GSK, and Roche this year, amassing a jaw-dropping $2 billion in manufacturing contracts. And that’s not all—Samsung is revving up to construct Plant 5, a colossal facility set to boost their manufacturing capacity to a staggering 784,000 liters by April 2025.

Even though Plant 4 is still fresh off the construction line, Samsung isn’t slowing down. They’re investing in an antibody-drug conjugate facility, a dedicated mRNA manufacturing plant, and additional aseptic filling capacity. Their sights are set on “closing the gap between the demand and supply of life-saving biomedicines,” according to Rim.

The future holds great promise with the imminent completion of Bio Campus II, featuring four interconnected facilities, set to offer a total capacity of 1.324 million liters. Samsung Biologics is poised to support its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, marking an exhilarating chapter in the world of biotechnology.

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