Sandoz Ushers in a New Era: Emerging as a Standalone Global Pioneer and European Trailblazer in Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

Sandoz, a global leader in generic and biosimilar medicines, has begun trading its shares on the SIX Swiss Exchange as an independent company. The company has been spun off from its former parent company, Novartis, and is now an independent entity.

Sandoz is included in key SIX market indices and has an investment-grade credit rating, positioning it well for continued growth in the generic and biosimilar medicines sector.

The CEO of Sandoz, Richard Saynor, emphasized the company’s commitment to its purpose of pioneering access for patients. He highlighted Sandoz’s role in shaping the global healthcare environment and delivering cost savings to healthcare systems worldwide.

Saynor noted that generics and biosimilars make up approximately 80% of medicines used globally by volume and are critical to healthcare systems.

Sandoz aims to strengthen its position in the generics and biosimilars industry and continue to provide access to quality medicines for patients around the world. The company has a rich scientific heritage dating back to 1886 and has a history of medical firsts in the pharmaceutical industry.

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