Sanofi Strengthens Healthy Aging Portfolio with Acquisition of America’s Rising Star: Qunol®

Sanofi is excited to announce the acquisition of Qunol®, a U.S.-based, market-leading brand in health and wellness. This acquisition bolsters Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare’s (CHC) Vitamin, Mineral and Supplements (VMS) category, allowing the company to focus on the active ‘healthy aging’ segment.

With Qunol’s CoQ10 in heart health and Turmeric in joint health, Sanofi’s CHC gains a profitable growth brand with a double-digit growth rate. As a leader in consumer healthcare, this acquisition is part of Sanofi’s strategic plan to capitalize on consumer demand for chronic conditions and achieve continued success through growth opportunities and value creation.

Julie Van Ongevalle

We are thrilled to welcome Qunol to the Consumer Healthcare portfolio, strengthening our commitment to wellness with a focus on promoting healthy aging. This acquisition opens up a whole new avenue for us to grow our U.S. presence and helps us fill one of our white spaces in the country.

Our VMS range of products has provided an opportunity for preventive health that has gained even more importance in the wake of COVID-19, and adding Qunol to the mix serves to reinforce this health-focused approach. We look forward to adding more health into the lives of our consumers with Qunol’s innovative offerings.

Qunol CoQ10 and Turmeric are scientifically backed and well-positioned in their respective markets. Underscoring their excellent quality and efficacy, the Qunol brand has earned high consumer loyalty as well as gained strong brand equity.

As part of the Sanofi CHC alliance, the Qunol mark will stand to benefit in being catapulted into other chronic conditions and making its presence felt in markets beyond the United States.

Peter Boutros

Qunol is thrilled to be joining Sanofi’s consumer healthcare division and look forward to leveraging their impressive sales and marketing capabilities to increase brand awareness for our products. This strategic alliance will allow us to reach a larger customer base in the U.S. and beyond, further propelling Qunol to success.

About Qunol

Qunol is a pioneer in the healthy aging sector and has been providing scientifically proven health solutions since 2006. Their superior CoQ10 and Turmeric supplements, which boast unique absorption technology, have achieved #1 market positions on the leading Club, Mass and E-commerce retailers in North America. Not only that, but they come with powerful support for heart health and joint health respectively, making them a no-brainer when it comes to looking after yourself.

About Sanofi

At our global healthcare company, we are passionate about pursuing miracles through science – turning the impossible into the possible. Our dedicated team spanning over 100 countries is committed to improving people’s lives and providing life-saving vaccine protection to millions. We strive to make a positive impact on society by integrating sustainability and social responsibility into our mission. Together, we can make the world healthier!

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