Science 37 Joins White House’s Fight Against Cancer with CancerX and Cancer Moonshot Partnership

Science 37 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCE) is excited to announce its partnership with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and Moffitt Cancer Center as part of CancerX, an initiative launched by the White House to rapidly accelerate cancer innovation in the U.S.

Supported by the Office for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH), Science 37’s MetasiteTM will help drive this ambitious project forward, offering a unique and cutting-edge solution to the fight against cancer.

CancerX is a revolutionary partnership that brings together the brightest minds from across the country to create a future free of cancer. Spearheaded by U.S. President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, the Cancer Moonshot initiative is reigniting the fight against cancer and inspiring a new wave of innovation and collaboration. With CancerX, the possibilities are endless and the potential for a brighter, cancer-free future is real.

Science 37 is proud to partner with the CancerX project team to launch its inaugural project, “Advancing Digital Innovation to Improve Equity and Reduce Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care and Research.”

Through this initiative, Science 37 and participating clinical trial sponsors will work together to advance remote conduct in oncology trials, such as those involving precision medicine, early cancer detection, and long-term follow-up for cell and gene therapy. By driving innovation through digital solutions, this project aims to reduce financial toxicity and improve access to care for those affected by cancer.

At Science 37, we are proud to be at the forefront of clinical trial access and equity with our innovative virtual site, the Metasite. Our Metasite has enabled oncology research to make incredible strides, such as a breast cancer study that allowed at-home administration of treatment every three weeks, reducing patient burden, and an early detection cancer study which achieved an impressive 24% minority representation with 25,000+ medical records collected.

We are delighted to support the White House CancerX and Cancer Moonshot initiative, and to continue to provide access and equity in oncology research. Our team is uniquely qualified to implement virtual research tools and engage patients and oncology practices to make a difference.

We are absolutely delighted to join forces with Science 37 in this first-of-its-kind project for CancerX to utilize digital innovation for enhancing equity and reducing financial toxicity in cancer care and research.

As it stands, cancer has become the second most common cause of death in the United States, and those with cancer are much more likely to face financial difficulties than those without. Through our project, we aim to take advantage of the power of digital innovation to bring about better quality health and economic outcomes for a larger number of cancer patients following their treatment.

About Science 37

At Science 37 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCE), our mission is to revolutionize clinical research. Our Metasite™ platform provides universal trial access to a much broader patient population than traditional sites, allowing patients to participate in studies from the comfort of their own homes, at their local community providers, or at a traditional site when necessary.

Our proprietary technology platform enables streamlined study orchestration and compliance, ensuring high-quality data. We’re revolutionizing clinical research, making it more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

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