Setting the Stage: Bausch + Lomb Gears Up to Shine at the 2023 Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference

Visionary Moves: Bausch + Lomb’s CEO Brent Saunders Takes Center Stage at the 2023 Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference

VAUGHAN, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Get ready for a power move in the world of eye health! Bausch + Lomb Corporation (NYSE/TSX: BLCO), the trailblazing global eye health company on a mission to elevate lives through clearer vision, just dropped a bombshell. Brace yourself as Chairman and CEO Brent Saunders steps into the spotlight at the much-anticipated 2023 Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference in the vibrant city of Boston on September 6, 2023, at the stroke of 10:15 a.m. ET.

It’s not just an appearance; it’s a revelation. Imagine being in the room as Saunders, the driving force behind Bausch + Lomb’s vision, shares insights that promise to shape the future. This isn’t just about eyesight; it’s about a clearer view of where the industry is headed.

But here’s the best part: you don’t need a front-row seat to catch this incredible moment. A live webcast and a treasure trove of audio await you in the Investor Relations section of the Bausch + Lomb website. It’s not just about the conference; it’s about being part of an evolution.

So, mark your calendar, set your alarms, and get ready to witness a visionary leader in action. Bausch + Lomb isn’t just about seeing better; it’s about a brighter future, and you’re invited to be part of it.

About Bausch + Lomb

Championing the Gift of Vision: Bausch + Lomb’s Inspiring Journey Across Lifetimes

Imagine a world where sight isn’t just a sense; it’s a precious gift. In this extraordinary tale, enter Bausch + Lomb – not just a company, but a guardian of vision. With a legacy that spans the ages, Bausch + Lomb is on a mission to protect and enhance this gift for millions across the globe.

From the very first breath to the wisdom of age, Bausch + Lomb is there. Picture a treasure chest of over 400 products, each a beacon of clarity. Contact lenses that bring the world into focus, lens care products that nurture, eye care products that pamper – this is just the beginning. And the story continues with ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter gems, and surgical devices that redefine possibilities.

But here’s where the narrative gets captivating. Bausch + Lomb wasn’t born yesterday; it has a legacy dating back to 1853. With roots that run deep, this powerhouse stands as a symbol of innovation. Imagine a canvas that spans continents, a footprint that echoes with research, development, manufacturing, and commerce. With a global family of 13,000 minds and a presence in nearly 100 countries, Bausch + Lomb is more than just a brand; it’s a movement.

Headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, the story continues in the corporate offices of Bridgewater, New Jersey. This isn’t just about products; it’s about lives touched, dreams restored, and futures illuminated. Bausch + Lomb isn’t just a company; it’s a storyteller, a protector, and a beacon of hope for every individual who cherishes the gift of sight.

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