Shareholders Sound Off: VOTE COUNTS IN from ORYZON’s 2023 Annual General Meeting!

At its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on Monday, June 26, 2023 in Madrid, Oryzon Genomics, S.A. (ISIN Code: ES0167733015, ORY) received an overwhelming approval of its resolutions from its shareholders, with favorable votes ranging from 90% to 96%. Representing a total of 20.009.878 of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Corporation (35,01%), the shareholders acknowledged the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company’s ongoing effort in leveraging epigenetics to develop therapies in diseases with a strong unmet medical need.

At the General meeting held on 2022, the shareholders of the Company approved important matters such as the annual report and financial statements, the appropriation of losses, the discharge of Board of Directors members, the re-election of Deloitte SL as audit firm, the introduction of Loyalty Shares via a modification of Bylaws, a Long-Term Incentive Plan in the Directors’ Remuneration Policy and the compensation for the BOD members for the year 2022. Further information on the resolutions taken and their individual voting results is available on the Company’s and CNMV’s websites as Other Relevant Information.

About Oryzon

Oryzon, an innovative biopharmaceutical company based out of Barcelona, Spain, is leading the way in the epigenetics space. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Oryzon is pioneering the use of LSD1 inhibitors for potential treatments of various malignant and neurological diseases.

Two LSD1 inhibitors, iadademstat and vafidemstat, are currently under Phase II clinical trials and the company continues to develop new drug candidates to address unmet healthcare needs. With a strong platform for the identification and validation of disease biomarkers, Oryzon is revolutionizing the way such diseases are treated.

About Iadademstat

Iadademstat (ORY-1001) is revolutionizing the way we treat hematologic and solid tumors! This small oral molecule has proven to be an incredibly powerful inhibitor of the epigenetic enzyme LSD1 with a highly effective differentiating effect in hematologic cancers, as demonstrated in Maes et al.’s Cancer Cell 2018 study. The safety and tolerability of iadademstat was further confirmed by the FiM Phase I/IIa clinical trial in R/R AML patients, in which a CRi was achieved, highlighting the promising antileukemic activity of this treatment.

Moreover, the encouraging safety and efficacy data of iadademstat in combination with azacitidine in the Phase IIa ALICE trial in elder 1L-AML patients has made this drug one to watch going forward. Furthermore, iadademstat is currently being evaluated in the Phase Ib FRIDA trial in relapsed/refractory AML patients with FLT3 mutations and the Phase IIa CLEPSIDRA trial in combination with platinum/etoposide in second line ED-SCLC patients has demonstrated preliminary activity and safety results. On top of this, Oryzon has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CR

About Vafidemstat

Vafidemstat (ORY-2001) is a remarkable oral CNS optimized LSD1 inhibitor that has multiple beneficial effects. It not only diminishes cognitive impairment and reduces neuroinflammation, but also provides neuroprotective attributes. Its fast and durable efficacy in animal studies include restoring memory, normalizing exaggerated aggressiveness in SAMP8 mice, a model for AD, and increasing sociability in murine models.

Clinical trials of vafidemstat have so far been promising, with positive results in psychiatric disorders, AD, and MS. Additionally, in a Phase II trial of Covid-19 patients, the drug showed considerable anti-inflammatory activity. Currently, vafidemstat is in two Phase IIb trials in BPD and schizophrenia, with its CNS precision medicine being explored for certain CNS disorders and Kabuki Syndrome. What’s more, vafidemstat is also being considered for other neurodevelopmental syndromes.


Oryzon is pleased to share its forward-looking information and statements with investors and holders of its shares. These statements include financial projections, expectations around future operations, capital expenditures, synergies, products and services, and future performance. However, Oryzon cautions investors to be aware of the risks and uncertainties that may arise and stand in the way of achieving the projected results.

These risks and uncertainties are discussed in detail in Oryzon’s documents sent to the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), and are accessible to the public. It is important to note that no guarantees can be made regarding future performance, and these forward-looking statements must be evaluated on their own merit. Furthermore, the offering of Oryzon’s securities is subject to registration or exemption from registration in the United States. Potential investors can obtain detailed information about Oryzon, its management, and financial statements from the prospectus.

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