Shining Bright at EANM 2023 Congress: Actinium Pharma Takes Center Stage with Exciting Abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentation

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE AMERICAN: ATNM), a trailblazer in the realm of targeted radiotherapies, has illuminated the spotlight with its latest announcement. Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York, the company has unveiled its plans for a remarkable presence at the imminent European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) 2023 Congress, slated to grace the enchanting city of Vienna from September 9th to 13th, 2023. With the unveiling of two captivating abstracts destined for both oral and poster presentation, Actinium is set to captivate the minds of medical enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

The jewel in the crown of this presentation extravaganza is the EANM oral delivery, a showcase of the groundbreaking Iomab-B SIERRA data. This data, poised to revolutionize paradigms, shines a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with AML, offering a transformative avenue for transplants that was previously deemed inaccessible.

Notably, this prestigious podium marks the fifth instance in 2023 where Actinium has taken center stage at globally acclaimed medical conferences, including the likes of TCT, EBMT, SNMMI, and EHA. The stage is set, the anticipation is palpable, and Actinium Pharmaceuticals is primed to weave its narrative of innovation and hope on the grand stage of the EANM 2023 Congress.

Details of the EANM oral presentation:

Unleashing Hope: Illuminating the Path of Personalized Healing with I131-apamistamab in the Battle Against Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia (R/R AML) Embark on a Journey through the Therapeutic Frontier – Join us in the Theranostics Track, as we dive into the World of Oncology & Theranostics. Brace yourself for a Thrilling Encounter with Old but Novel Techniques that Defy the Norms. Mark your Calendar: September 10th, 3:00pm CET. Let’s Explore the Future of Healing Together!

Details of the EANM e-poster presentation:

Dive into a World of Knowledge: Explore e-Posters Throughout the Conference Journey

Embark on an Intellectual Adventure as e-Posters Unveil Their Insights! Discover the Thrilling Feasibility of High-Dose Targeted Radiation with I131-apamistamab: A Radiant Odyssey in Relapsed/Refractory AML. Get Lost in the Intrigue of Dosimetry and Safety Tales from the Epic Phase 3 SIERRA Trial.

Chart Your Course to e-Poster EP-0608: A Treasure Map to Groundbreaking Wisdom! Session Title: Set Sail into the Realm of Clinical Studies – C1 Oncological Therapy Adventures within C15 Other Oncological Marvels.

Unlock the Universe of Possibilities: Your Expedition Begins Here!

About Actinium

Champions of Hope: Pioneering Targeted Radiotherapies for Triumph Over Cancer’s Shadows

In the Valiant Quest to Rewrite the Fates of Those Who’ve Faced the Darkest Trials, Actinium Takes Center Stage! With Iomab-B as a Beacon of Promise on the Brink of FDA’s Acolade, the Prelude to Bone Marrow Transplants Gains a New Anthem. Behold Actimab-A, a Bold Warrior Backed by the National Cancer Institute’s Mighty Pact, Emerges to Wage Battle Against Relapsed and Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Extending the Horizon of Survival.

But This is Just the Prelude to Actinium’s Epic Symphony! As Iomab-B Expands its Realm to Embrace Other Blood Cancers, Iomab-ACT Steps Forth, a Trailblazer in the World of Cell and Gene Therapy, Paving the Pathway to Triumph.

Their Arsenal of Innovation Unveils a Cascade of Partnerships – Astellas Pharma, AVEO Oncology/LG Chem Life Sciences, and EpicentRx Join the Fray, Allured by Actinium’s Technology Sorcery. With Over 200 Patents as their Battle Standards, Actinium’s Vision is Clear: To Kindle the Light of Life in the Heart of the Cancer’s Abyss.

Forward-Looking Statements

Venturing into Tomorrow: Unveiling the Enchanted Crystal Ball

Step Closer, Brave Traveler, for This Tale Holds Glimpses of the Unseen! Within the Mystical Embrace of the ‘Safe-Harbor,’ a Portal to the Future Beckons. Behold the Dance of Forward-Looking Statements, Conjuring Visions of Events Yet to Unfold and the Company’s Financial Odyssey, Wrapped in the Elixir of the 1995 Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. A Covenant Sealed with a Promise: No Obligation to Bind Time’s Pages.

Yet, as the Future’s Veil Parts, the Landscape Shifts – Enter the Realm of Uncertainties and Risk-Forged Pathways. Within the Canvas of Management’s Dreams, Shadows Lurk – the Tempestuous Winds of Reality May Bend Tomorrow’s Path. The Alchemy of Potential Markets, the Saga of Clinical Trials, the Dance with the FDA – a Maze Where Fact and Fantasy Collide. Uncertainty, the True Magician, May Beckon Results Unforeseen.

The Symphony of the SEC’s Scrolls Unfurls: a Treasury of Truths, a Pantheon of Perils. Beneath the Gaze of Regulatory Watchers, Actinium’s Narrative Unravels – the Charms of Clinical Research Organizations, the Dance of FDA’s Edicts, and the Market’s Whispers of Acceptance. A Story Etched in Annual 10-K Chronicles, With Quarterly 10-Q Verses and 8-K Stanzas, a Testament Forever Amended.

So, Seeker of Secrets, Read Between the Lines, for Herein Lies the Nexus of Certainty and Destiny.

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