Sirius Medical Secures Major Investment to Fuel Expansion and Innovative New Solutions

Sirius Medical, the leader in surgical marker navigation, is pleased to announce the successful closure of their Series B Round, raising a total of 12 M€. This funding will be used to support their product Pintuition’s worldwide expansion and further product development.

Holland Capital acted as lead investor, with additional backing from existing investors BOM Brabant Ventures, Curie Capital, Team Holmium, and a major contribution from Sirius Medical’s management and team. Norgine Ventures also joined as a new investor to support Pintuition’s commercial roll-out.

Sirius’ revolutionary navigation system, Pintuition, has revolutionized the surgical experience by providing surgeons with real-time, precise guidance to locate tumors. With more than 100 active centers and over 5,000 successful procedures in Europe and the US, Pintuition has experienced an unprecedented growth in revenue. Its ease of use, straightforward implementation, and unparalleled accuracy have made it the go-to choice for medical professionals around the world.

Sirius Medical has made a major breakthrough with the development and launch of their Pintuition technology, and Norgine Ventures is proud to support their mission to deliver cost-effective solutions in surgery. With a strong commercial start, Peter Stein, Chief Executive of Norgine Ventures, is delighted to be part of this journey and to witness Sirius Medical’s trailblazing leadership.

We are thrilled to be a part of Pintuition’s journey into the world of surgical marker navigation! Their cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize how non-palpable tumors are treated, providing better care for cancer patients and a more efficient, stress-free experience for both physicians and patients alike. With Holland Capital’s investment, Pintuition will be able to continue to develop and innovate their groundbreaking technology.

Sirius Medical’s rapid growth in the industry is an undeniable testament to the immense value that its technology brings to both patients and clinicians. We are thrilled to announce that this success has been bolstered by a recent funding round.

With this additional backing, we are confident that our dedicated team will continue to propel the adoption of Pintuition worldwide. Bram Schermers, CEO of Sirius Medical, expresses his enthusiasm for the future of the company: “This is an exciting time for us, and I’m confident that our talented team will keep driving our success.”

About Sirius Medical

At Sirius Medical, we believe that every cancer patient deserves the best possible care. That’s why we strive to provide cutting-edge and affordable solutions to precisely and efficiently remove tumors.

Our Pintuition technology is CE marked and FDA cleared, and has been deployed in over 100 centers across Europe and the USA. We are committed to making a difference to cancer care, and our mission is to continue to deliver superior solutions for better patient outcomes.

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