Sona Nanotech Partners With Minnetronix to Revolutionize Cancer Therapy with Targeted Hypothermia Light Device

Sona Nanotech Inc. (CSE: SONA), (OTCQB: SNANF) is thrilled to announce their selection of Minnetronix Medical to engineer their second-generation infrared light device. This device will be used in their breakthrough Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy, which transfers energy to biocompatible gold nanorods situated in cancerous tumors – to generate heat and fight this devastating disease. The light device is being designed to fit the sigmoidoscopes and colonoscopes already used by oncology gastroenterologists – so that they can provide higher quality, innovative healthcare to their patients.

Minnetronix brings cutting-edge technology to medical device design, development, and manufacturing. Our expertise spans a variety of specialties, including optical device design and complex opto-mechanics. We help clients realize their ideas for innovative medical devices, providing support with illumination system design, optical system integration, power and heat management, and LED and laser system designs. With years of experience and hundreds of projects under our belt, we strive to create and manufacture medical devices that fuel future advances in healthcare.

Jeremy Maniak, CEO of Minnetronix, is excited to be working with Sona Nanotech on their revolutionary Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy, an innovative light device that the Minnetronix team is uniquely equipped to design and manufacture. With their expertise, this new therapy may soon bring much-needed relief to many.

Leveraging Minnetronix’s medical device engineering expertise, Sona is now taking its revolutionary THT therapy for colorectal cancer to the next level. Previous studies have proven that the application of infrared light to the exterior of cancerous tumors in mice can effectively heat gold nanorods.

Now with the help of gastroenterology scopes, this same infrared light can be delivered internally to further enhance this cutting-edge therapy. As CEO David Regan explains, “We’re excited to bring this remarkable treatment to more patients in need.”

About Sona Nanotech Inc.

Sona Nanotech is revolutionizing the life sciences industry with its game-changing nanotechnology solutions. A leader in the field of gold nanoparticles, Sona has developed a unique, proprietary method to manufacture them, without any of the health risks associated with traditional methods.

This innovative technology has the potential to improve the accuracy of medical diagnostics and could even be applied to medical treatments, pending approval from Health Canada and the FDA. Put simply, Sona Nanotech is setting a new standard in the life sciences industry.

About Minnetronix Medical

With over two decades of experience, Minnetronix Medical has revolutionized the medical device industry as a leader in design, development, and manufacturing. From optical systems and RF energy to fluid and gas management, they merge innovative technology with lifecycle efficiency to create groundbreaking products and solutions. By maximizing utility and realizing opportunities, they are able to power smarter medical devices to market faster, making a lasting impact on healthcare.


Sona BioLabs is pleased to announce progress in its efforts to develop advanced medical therapies. This includes prospects for patent granting and has fuelled optimism for the successful development of novel clinical treatments. Although these prospects are considered to be promising with its commitment to innovation, the journey to success will not come without risk, as Sona must secure animal pre-clinical and human clinical studies, obtain sufficient clinical and other data to submit regulatory submissions, raise necessary capital and successfully develop the envisioned therapy. Nevertheless, Sona remains confident and dedicated in its pursuit of the pursuit of these revolutionary treatments.

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