Spesana Expands With Launch of Expert Advisory Board to Drive Company Growth

Spesana is delighted to introduce its newly formed Advisory Board, made up of industry experts from clinical sites, life science companies, and diagnostic labs. This Advisory Board will provide invaluable insight and guidance to help Spesana’s Healthcare Platform reach its full potential, enabling healthcare stakeholders to better utilize precision medicine in their clinical, operational, and financial workflows.

Spesana is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare, and it takes passionate, visionary experts to make that dream a reality. We are proud to announce our esteemed panel of advisors, who bring a wealth of knowledge to the greatest healthtech challenge of the last 25 years.

With their expertise, we are confident that Spesana will be an overarching healthcare platform that serves all therapeutic areas, geographies, and healthcare stakeholders including clinical sites, molecular diagnostic labs, pharma, and revenue cycle. Carla Balch, CEO of Spesana, is grateful for the opportunity to work with these advisors.

The Advisory Board of precision medicine is comprised of pioneering leaders who are deeply committed to driving the field forward. These visionaries bring a unique passion and expertise to their roles, determined to make a lasting impact on the future of healthcare.


Dr. Edenfield is a board-certified expert in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine. He serves as the Medical Director for the Institute for Translational Oncology Research, spearheading phase I and first-in-human clinical trials. He also manages the Biorepository Services at GHS. Not only that, but he was consulted by Spesana prior to its incorporation.


Michele is an experienced leader in the healthcare sector, having held senior positions such as President/CEO of Wyoming Medical Center, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Children’s Health System of Texas, and President of Children’s Health System of Texas Ventures. She has vast knowledge in the clinical setting and is dedicated to providing the best care to her patients.


Brett has been selected as one of only 30 executive professionals worldwide to join the 2022 Cohort of Stanford University’s prestigious Distinguished Careers Institute. A renowned innovation expert, Brett’s impressive resume includes his prior roles as President/CEO of Baptist Health in Jacksonville, FL, and EVP of Texas Health Resources, one of the USA’s largest faith-based nonprofit health care systems.


Paul is leading the charge at imaware, a digital health platform that provides advanced at-home lab tests that empower individuals, providers, and employers to take charge of their preventative healthcare.

With imaware, individuals can now monitor their risk for cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, and autoimmune disorders from the comfort of their own homes. As President and Interim CEO, Paul is determined to revolutionize the way we think about preventative healthcare.


Bobbi is an experienced strategic rainmaker, having served as the Chief Growth Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Biodesix, a multi-product lab company in the field of precision medicine. She brings an extensive knowledge of the precision medicine space to the table, with prior executive roles at Exact Sciences and Precision Therapeutics. With her extensive experience, Bobbi is well-positioned to continue to drive growth and success in the precision medicine industry.


Autri is a highly accomplished scientist, having held executive positions at Roche and Philips, where she served as Head of Strategic Marketing, Operations and Genomics, Head of Business Development and Oncology Informatics, and VP and Life Cycle Leader of Sequencing Informatics. Through her deep, collaborative relationships, Autri has excelled in operational management and commercial execution, enabling her to successfully grow organizations.

About Spesana

Spesana is revolutionizing healthcare with a platform that provides real-time collaboration and decision support for all therapeutic areas in all settings of care.

Led by oncology information technology trailblazer Carla Balch and her experienced team, Spesana is committed to precision medicine and clinical collaborations to ensure that physicians, patients, and insurance teams can work together to find the best possible treatments and access to clinical trials.

Utilizing real-world data and molecular diagnostics results, Spesana is helping to create a unified medical record that increases the velocity of patients moving to the right specialists.

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