Spexis Welcomes Dr. Gonçalo Bernardes as Interim Head of Chemical Biology

Spexis AG, a pioneering biopharmaceutical firm specializing in rare diseases and oncology, has appointed Dr. Gonçalo Bernardes, a distinguished figure in the fields of chemistry and oncology, as its acting Head of Chemical Biology.

Dr. Bernardes, a full professor at the University of Cambridge and leader of a satellite lab at the Insituto Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, brings a wealth of expertise to the team. His research has led to significant contributions in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Jeff Wager, M.D., Chairman & CEO of Spexis, expressed enthusiasm about Dr. Bernardes joining the company, emphasizing the potential of his expertise in advancing their novel macrocycle pipeline. Spexis is dedicated to enhancing its position in macrocycle-based therapeutics with its well-characterized libraries, PEMFinder and MACROFinder, which hold immense promise for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases.

Dr. Bernardes, a Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity Hall College, brings extensive experience in research and entrepreneurship. He has founded companies based on technology originating from his lab and has garnered multiple awards and grants recognizing his contributions to chemistry and biology.

His appointment marks a significant addition to Spexis’ team as they strive to develop groundbreaking macrocycle-based therapeutics.

Dr. Bernardes expressed excitement about his new role at Spexis and the opportunity to contribute to the fight against diseases through innovative chemical and biological approaches. His background in research and entrepreneurship aligns well with Spexis’ mission to advance macrocycle-based therapeutics and bring them to patients in need.

Spexis boasts a culture of innovation and a strong commitment to its macrocycle platform, highlighting the growing potential of macrocycles for targeting unique molecular structures and their compatibility with various technologies.

The company’s macrocycle libraries, PEMFinder and MACROFinder, are a product of over two decades of discovery and drug development efforts. These macrocycles occupy a distinctive chemical space, bridging the gap between small molecules and biologics.

Spexis anticipates revealing more details about its progress in leveraging its macrocycle platform for novel therapeutic modalities later this year.

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