TAU Systems Makes Major Strides in Plasma Accelerator Development with UT Austin Agreements!

TAU Systems, a leading provider of ultrafast, compact plasma accelerators, is proud to announce its recent agreements with The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). Together, they will work to explore and expand the fundamental aspects of laser-plasma interactions, aiming to make these advanced tools available to a wider array of users and industries. This collaboration will have the potential to revolutionize the science and technology of compact accelerator systems and advanced light sources.

TAU Systems is revolutionizing the world of particle accelerators and X-ray free-electron lasers with its groundbreaking compact, easy-to-use accelerators. By providing affordable and accessible beam-time access to companies and research institutes all over the world, TAU is unlocking the potential of biotechnology, nuclear and battery technology, and more. Led by experts in laser-driven particle accelerators, TAU is making scientific progress more accessible than ever before.

TAU Systems and UT Austin have formed a powerful partnership, signing a Sponsored Research Agreement and a Patent License Agreement. Through this agreement, TAU will provide funding to UT Austin laboratory staff, while also granting TAU personnel the ability to work in UT Austin laboratories as research affiliates. This collaboration will enable the two organizations to work together and research the fundamental elements of laser-plasma interaction, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge in this field.

The University of Texas at Austin has been granted an exclusive license to a foundational patent on laser-plasma interaction for particle acceleration, along with shares in TAU Systems. This agreement marks a unique opportunity for the university to further explore the potential of laser-plasma technology in particle acceleration.

TAU Systems is thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of Texas at Austin’s Tabletop Terawatt Laboratory laser. This cutting-edge tool will enable our team to dive deeper into the mysteries of laser-plasma interaction, an essential component of our compact plasma accelerators. To further bolster our research and development, we have also signed a Patent License Agreement with UT Austin that grants us exclusive access to a foundational patent related to laser-plasma interaction for particle acceleration. We are excited to be utilizing this incredible resource to make incredible advances in our field.

Christine Dixon Thiesing, UT Austin’s Associate Vice President for Discovery to Impact, is thrilled to be part of the collaboration between UT Austin and TAU Systems. She believes that startups have the potential to greatly amplify the impact of academic research and is committed to supporting businesses like TAU Systems in their journey to bring their products and services to the market to change the world.

TAU Systems has just announced an exciting new partnership with one of the world’s leading academic institutes, marking a major milestone in the company’s international reach. This partnership will enable the demonstration of the United States’ first laser-driven vacuum UltraViolet free-electron laser at the BELLA Center, further cementing the collaboration between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and TAU Systems. This is a major step forward in the advancement of scientific research and innovation.

About TAU Systems

TAU Systems is revolutionizing the way the world accesses particle accelerators and X-ray free-electron lasers. Based in Austin, Texas, the deep-tech company is pioneering the development of the first compact particle accelerators and specialized X-ray free-electron lasers that are small enough to fit in any space yet powerful enough to provide accessible and affordable beam-time access for any company. Led by world-renowned experts in laser-driven particle accelerators, TAU is driving progress in biotechnology, nuclear and more by democratizing access.

About The University of Texas at Austin

At UT Austin, we are building a bridge between campus innovators, industry, and the investment community to turn discovery into impact. By fostering collaborations between academic research and the market, we are creating services and products that make a real difference to society. We provide a platform for ideas to be heard, pathways to success to be explored, and a valuable connection between the three sectors that drive innovation and progress.

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