The Mosaic Company Unveils Mosaic Biosciences™ to Expand Offerings in Plant Health

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Igniting a Green Revolution, The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS) has unveiled the groundbreaking Mosaic Biosciences™ platform. This global initiative signals a dynamic leap forward, infusing cutting-edge science and innovation into the heart of agriculture. With the power to bolster crop vitality and nurture the inherent biology of plants and soil, Mosaic Biosciences promises to unlock the full yield potential of every field, ushering in a new era of agricultural excellence.

As the dawn of a greener era emerges, industry experts envision the agricultural biologicals market soaring to a staggering $30 billion by 2029. Fueled by unwavering commitment, Mosaic is spearheading a revolution by funneling investments into revolutionary biological technologies, poised to reshape the agricultural landscape.

With a storied legacy as a crop nutrition trailblazer, Mosaic now unveils a burgeoning lineup of battle-tested biological solutions that harmonize seamlessly with conventional crop nutrients, a symphony of innovation and tradition poised to elevate growers to new heights of success.

Embarking on a visionary journey, Mosaic Biosciences emerges as the organic evolution of our robust crop nutrition lineage,” declared Floris Bielders, the trailblazing Vice President of Strategy and New Business Platforms at The Mosaic Company. With its roots deeply embedded in scientific prowess and field-tested triumphs, our biological technology arsenal is more than a collection of innovations—it’s a dynamic force that nurtures the inherent vitality of plants and soil, cultivating a flourishing realm where robust crops thrive with unparalleled strength and health.

Within the enigmatic expanse of Mosaic Biosciences, a treasure trove of botanical marvels awaits discovery. Among these verdant gems are the biological fertilizer companions known as PowerCoat® and BioPath®, veritable elixirs that ignite nutrient efficiency and ignite the flames of plant growth and vitality.

Yet, that is not all; our arsenal extends its benevolent influence to temper the harsh whims of abiotic stress, battling drought, heat, and the relentless embrace of salinity. Guided by a global congregation of scientific minds, Mosaic Biosciences breathes life into a burgeoning sanctuary of novel biologic concoctions, poised to revolutionize plant well-being, stress resilience, nutrient absorption, and the very tapestry of crop abundance.

Amidst the fertile realm of Mosaic Biosciences, our treasury of nutrient-enhancing marvels is but the opening chapter in a saga of boundless potential. As we tread the path ahead, the horizon gleams with the promise of unveiling an array of biological marvels that shall grace the market stage in the forthcoming months and years.

Each creation shall bear the hallmark of scientific rigor and field-tested wisdom, a testament to our unwavering dedication. The era of biologicals marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of crop nutrition, a symphony of transformation that will elevate the essence of every field to unprecedented heights.


In the grand tapestry of agricultural excellence, The Mosaic Company emerges as a luminary, a global orchestrator of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. With an indomitable spirit, we stand as a beacon of ingenuity, offering a symphony of solutions in the realms of phosphate and potash fertilizers. As a singular source of vitality, we cater to the pulse of the worldwide agriculture industry, nurturing growth and abundance with our nutrient-rich offerings.

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