Thomas Videbaek Joins Zymtronix Board of Directors: A New Era of Expertise Begins!

Today, Zymtronix, Inc., a revolutionary biotechnology company, is proud to announce that Dr. Thomas Videbaek, a highly experienced veteran of the biotech industry and former EVP of Novozymes, is joining their Board of Directors. This is a hugely significant move for Zymtronix and will no doubt help the company to continue pushing boundaries and developing cutting-edge solutions in the biotechnology field.

Dr. Videbaek has a long and distinguished career in biotechnology, having held multiple executive vice president roles at Novozymes, the world leader in industrial enzymes. His accomplishments include a COO role covering global R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, M&A, Sustainability and Regional Leadership, as well as EVP for Corporate Strategy and Business Transformation, and EVP for the Bio-business. His leadership has driven the creation of multiple new business areas for the firm, including industrial enzymes, microorganisms and bio-agriculture, thus transforming Novozymes into a true pioneer in the industry.

Dr. Videbaek is a highly educated individual, having attained a PhD and MSc from the prestigious Technical University of Denmark, as well as a Bachelors in Business Administration (HD) from the renowned Copenhagen Business School. His impressive academic accomplishments are a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Zymtronix is thrilled to welcome Thomas to its team, whose experience and expertise in developing and commercializing transformative technologies will be a great asset to the company. Stéphane Corgié, PhD and Founder & CEO of Zymtronix, expressed excitement for Thomas’ addition to the team, noting that his addition will provide a powerful boost to the growth and industrialization of the company’s platforms and products.

Thomas is well-versed in the power of biology and enzymes for sustainability, making him an ideal addition to Zymtronix’s board. His extensive experience in commercializing new technology is a testament to his expertise, and his reputation as a change leader is well-known both inside and outside the company. Adam Monroe, President and COO of Zymtronix, who worked with Thomas at Novozymes remarked that he was “universally respected” and is excited to have Thomas on board.

Dr. Videbaek is thrilled to join the Board of Zymtronix and witness their revolutionary cell-free, multi enzyme technology in action. With this cutting-edge technology, the possibilities are infinite – from creating new products to achieving step change economics, to unlocking tremendous sustainability power. His experience in developing the multibillion dollar industrial enzyme industry has given him a unique insight into the incredible impact that enzymes can have on the world. It’s truly amazing to see how Zymtronix is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Zymtronix is revolutionizing biomanufacturing with its cutting-edge technology from Cornell University. Its unique matrices of immobilization materials and enzyme compositions have opened up the possibility of creating molecules that were previously inaccessible. Not only can this technology fundamentally alter existing product economies, but also reduce the carbon footprint and enhance the sustainability of the products it produces. Zymtronix is providing a pathway to a brighter future.

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