Transform Your FASTQ to VCF Files with Dante Genomics’ Free AVANTI Software!

Dante Genomics, a pioneering force in genomics and precision medicine, is introducing a groundbreaking feature to its AVANTI Software—free of charge! This platform agnostic software will automatically turn FASTQ files into VCF files, proving its expansive capacity to benefit sequencing labs of all sizes. Get ready to revolutionize the way you interpret and analyze data!

Dante is revolutionizing genomic interpretation by offering a free transformation of raw FASTQ data files from any sequencer into a VCF format. With their easy-to-use plug-and-play approach, even those without an IT team can now benefit from the power of genomic analysis.

The AVANTI Software works with all major sequencers, including Illumina, Pac Bio, Oxford Nanopore, Complete Genomics, Ultima, Element and MGI, so no matter which machine you’re using, you can now explore the depths of your data with ease.

VCF files can be analyzed by the powerful AVANTI software to generate comprehensive genomic reports for a wide range of clinical areas, from oncology and cardiovascular conditions to rare diseases and neurology. This advanced tool helps clinicians and researchers to hone in on the most relevant variants for their patients, enabling them to make better-informed decisions.

At Dante Genomics, we have developed AVANTI Software to bring the same revolutionary power to sequencers that Microsoft Windows did to personal computers. We are delighted to see the emergence of new players in the sequencing arena and are committed to providing a hardware-agnostic platform that allows sequencing labs to bring the clinical interpretation process in-house, enabling them to generate hundreds of reports in minutes.

Our goal is to provide the end-to-end solution that will give users access to clinically actionable results from their DNA sequencing, ultimately helping to save more lives.

AVANTI Software is transforming the sequencing space, empowering labs of all sizes to quickly and accurately generate clinically actionable genomic reports from raw genomic data. From whole genome sequencing to target panels and beyond, AVANTI gives doctors and researchers a revolutionary end-to-end solution for genomic interpretation, no matter their location or the scale of their operations. Unlock the power of precision and speed with AVANTI today!

About Dante Genomics

Dante Genomics is a revolutionary healthcare and longevity company leveraging the power of whole genome sequencing and software to unlock a new era of personalized medicine. Our platform enables better patient outcomes, prevention, and enhanced diagnostics, leveraging one of the largest private genome databases with research consent and proprietary software and processes that allow us to sequence genomes on an industrial scale.

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