Uncovering Innovative Solutions for Breast Cancer: Genome-Powered Predictive Tools and Targeted Treatments

In a groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), a collaboration between GC Genome Corporation – a leading genomic diagnostics company – and Dr. Joohyuk Sohn of Severance Hospital revealed the remarkable potential of utilizing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) copy number aberration (CNA) to predict and profile cancer patients’ prognosis. Through this breakthrough, a critical milestone was achieved in the fight against cancer.

CTDNA CNA analysis for breast cancer patients opens up a world of potential, providing invaluable insight into patient prognosis and empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about the best treatment strategies. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, developed by Dr. Chang-Seok Ki and his team at GC Genome, patients can look forward to improved outcomes and a brighter future.

In a new study, 207 metastatic breast cancer patients underwent Low-pass whole-genome sequencing (LP-WGS) to investigate the prognostic value of cell-free DNA-based copy number alterations. The findings were then confirmed in an additional 465 stage II-III triple-negative breast cancer patients enrolled in a phase III trial (NCT02441933). These results may provide new insights into the impact of ctDNA mutations on survival outcomes of breast cancer patients.

High baseline ctDNA CNA burden in MBC patients has been linked to a poorer prognosis, manifesting as shorter overall survival and progression-free survival as well as reduced disease-free survival, even when pathologic complete response is achieved. These findings clearly demonstrate the strong predictive value of ctDNA CNA burden in evaluating cancer treatment efficacy.

Dr. Eun-Hae Cho, MD, Chief Technical Officer at GC Genome, is excited about the results that will set a powerful precedent in revolutionizing routine clinical practice by introducing ctDNA CNA analysis for personalized and targeted treatment options for cancer patients.

Driven by a passion to improve lives, GC Genome is determined to continue their research to bring hope and relief to those affected by the dreaded disease all over the world.

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