Unlock New Insights with BioBam’s KEGG Pathway Licensing for OmicsBox!

BioBam, a leading bioinformatics software provider, is proud to announce the renewal of its exclusive worldwide KEGG license from Pathway Solutions Inc. With this renewed agreement, BioBam’s customers around the globe will be able to take advantage of its unique pathway analysis features, thanks to the comprehensive KEGG Pathways collection of manually drawn maps. This will enable a deeper understanding of biological processes, metabolism, and molecular interactions, and will no doubt be a huge asset to scientific research.

The OmicsBox software allows you to explore the inner workings of your model or non-model organism datasets with its Combined Pathway Analysis feature. By combining gene annotation and expression data, you can uncover new insights and highlight significant changes to pathways.

Rich visualizations make it easy to explore and interpret the data, placing your experimental results in the context of complex biological systems. Unlock the mysteries of your data and make the most of your research with the OmicsBox Combined Pathway Analysis.

Stefan Götz, CEO of BioBam, expressed his enthusiasm for KEGG Pathways, calling it “highly regarded within the scientific community”. He highlighted the immense advantage of being able to query data directly onto KEGG, Reactome, or Gramene Pathways, allowing researchers to identify key regulators in a speedy manner.

Moreover, with the ability to generate pathway annotations and ID mappings on the go, these analyses are now accessible to a much wider audience of researchers, resolving a major problem.

BioBam is committed to advancing the research of scientists and organizations around the world. With the renewal of our KEGG licensing, we are providing them with the most up-to-date and powerful tools to analyze and interpret complex omics data. This is our way of helping to propel science and research forward, and we are proud to be part of this process.

About OmicsBox:

OmicsBox is a revolutionary bioinformatics solution that facilitates high-quality research by offering end-to-end data analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, and metagenomes. Its user-friendly software is used by some of the most prestigious research institutions worldwide to process large, complex datasets rapidly and efficiently.

With tools for extracting biological insights and tailored modules for de-novo genome assemblies, genetic variation analysis, differential expression analysis, and microbiome data classification, OmicsBox is an ideal solution for non-model organism research.

And thanks to its Blast2GO annotation methodology, powerful visualizations and functional interpretations of results, researchers are able to gain a deeper understanding of complex biological systems. With more than 15,000 scientific research citations, OmicsBox is the go-to solution for researchers on any platform, including Windows, Linux, or Mac.

About BioBam:

BioBam is revolutionizing genomics research with its cutting-edge bioinformatics software solutions. By transforming complex data analysis into intuitive and interactive tasks, the company is bridging the technology gap between state-of-the-art bioinformatics and applied genomics research. With BioBam, researchers can unleash the power of their data and focus on discovering new insights, allowing them to propel their discoveries forward.

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