Unlock New Possibilities in Cancer Care: University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Joins the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance

Caris Life Sciences® is thrilled to announce a monumental step forward in revolutionizing healthcare: University Hospitals (UH) Seidman Cancer Center has joined the ranks of the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance™ (POA)!

This renowned network of cancer research centers and consortia seeks to advance precision oncology with the intent of improving clinical outcomes for cancer patients, and by collaborating together, POA members benefit from Caris’ sophisticated AI-driven biocomputing and cutting-edge AI machines that utilize the company’s incomparable clinico-genomic database. This partnership promises transformative breakthroughs that will pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare.

At UH Seidman Cancer Center, the fight against cancer is being taken to a whole new level. As the only freestanding cancer hospital in Northeast Ohio, UH Seidman offers cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient — along with cutting-edge research and clinical trials.

As a National Cancer Institute-designated Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University, UH Seidman provides world-class care and expertise in 14 cancer-specific teams, ensuring that all patients get the individualized treatment and attention they deserve.

Using the groundbreaking capabilities of artificial intelligence and the renowned expertise of our oncologists at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, we are thrilled to join the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance to create breakthroughs in cancer care.

With one of the most robust cancer profiling databases at our disposal, this groundbreaking collaboration reinforces our institution’s stature as a leading haven for cancer research innovation. We are proud to be spearheading this revolutionary effort under the leadership of Theodoros Teknos, M.D., President and Scientific Director, UH Seidman Cancer Center and Jane and Lee Seidman Chair in Cancer Innovation.

The Caris Precision Oncology Alliance is honored to welcome University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center to its ever-growing network. Led by Chadi Nabhan, M.D., MBA, FACP, Chairman of the POA, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and the Caris Precision Oncology Alliance share a common goal: to revolutionize the cancer treatment landscape and give every patient the best possible chance at an improved outcome.

The Caris Precision Oncology Alliance has forged a new pathway to revolutionize the way the industry handles cancer diagnosis and treatment. With a membership made up of 87 premier cancer centers, academic institutions, research consortia, and healthcare systems, this far-reaching network early access to Caris’ comprehensive gene and protein analysis platforms that will enable evidence-based standards for cancer profiling and molecular testing.

Access to Caris’ database makes it possible to prioritize personalized therapeutic options and match patients with the best clinical trial opportunities. On top of this, their directory of the most comprehensive clinico-genomic data in the industry makes it easy to access over 1 million data points per patient, aiding in identifying the best treatment paths available. This cutting-edge network redefines personalized care to ensure the best possible outcomes.

About Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences® is revolutionizing healthcare and transforming the way patients are treated. With its pioneering precision medicine approach, advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, and comprehensive molecular profiling (including Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing), Caris is creating the largest clinico-genomic database and data analysis infrastructure to unlock the molecular complexities of disease and drive better outcomes for patients. By utilizing its vast resources, Caris is committed to accelerating discovery for detection, diagnosis, therapy selection, and drug development to positively impact human health.

Caris is revolutionizing precision medicine with its suite of cutting-edge molecular profiling offerings. From comprehensive DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing to the latest advancement, Caris Assure™ — a revolutionary blood-based cNAS assay — the company is enabling patients, physicians, and researchers to detect, diagnose, and treat cancer with unrivaled accuracy. Combining comprehensive molecular analysis and serial monitoring, Caris Assure™ is the most robust liquid biopsy assay available today.

Caris, headquartered in Irving, Texas, is a global force that stretches to Phoenix, New York, Tokyo, Japan and Basel, Switzerland – offering services in the US, Europe, Asia and various international markets. An innovative leader with a reputation for excellence, Caris has firmly established itself as a trusted source of support for an array of clients.

About University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center/Cleveland, Ohio

UH Seidman Cancer Center is your premier destination for cancer care in Northeast Ohio. Our national acclaim is backed up by world-class clinicians and staff who are dedicated to providing superb diagnosis and treatment plans for cancer prevention, as well as researching new therapies and treatments through clinical trials.

Furthermore, we are part of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)- designated Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of the 53 centers in the country. Our patients have access to advanced treatments and therapies, including a pioneering stem cell transplant program, a plethora of immunotherapy options, and even our in-house proton therapy center for both adult and children. Make sure to visit UH Seidman Cancer Center for all of your cancer care needs!

About University Hospitals / Cleveland, Ohio

University Hospitals is an integrated healthcare network in northern Ohio with a history and reputation for excellence that goes back more than 150 years! Established in 1866, UH serves the needs of its patients through a network which includes 21 hospitals, 50 health centers and outpatient facilities, and over 200 physician offices.

As the region’s premier quaternary care, academic medical center, UH Cleveland Medical Center is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Oxford University and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital, and UH Seidman Cancer Center are some of UH’s most prestigious medical programs, providing world-class care in their respective fields.

With more than 3,000 active clinical trials and research studies underway, UH is pushing the boundaries of the medical research field. In addition, UH employs more than 30,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in Northeast Ohio.

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