Unlock the Power of Cell-Based Manufacturing with the New CliniPrime Suite from Charles River

Introducing CliniPrime Fresh Leukopak, the revolutionary technology that will revolutionize clinical trials and advance the commercialization of advanced therapies. With this launch, we are revolutionizing the way clinical trials are conducted and taking the commercialization of advanced therapies to a whole new level.

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (NYSE:CRL) is proud to announce the launch of its new CliniPrimeTM suite of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant cellular starting materials. Designed to provide a rapid, streamlined way to access starting materials for cell and gene-modified cell therapies, CliniPrime products are designed to be of the highest quality and compliant with the essential regulatory guidelines for clinical trials and commercial manufacturing of advanced therapies. Make sure you have the best when it comes to your cell and gene therapies – get CliniPrime today.

Ready to make your advanced therapy program a success? CliniPrime’s Fresh Leukopak is here to help! Leveraging Charles River’s proven production processes, CliniPrime provides cGMP-enabled, enriched leukocyte cellular starting materials to meet the industry’s growing needs. With CliniPrime, you can reduce your resource investment and risk while allowing for rapid clinical trial development and commercialization. Make your program a success with CliniPrime Fresh Leukopak.

Charles River offers two options for GMP-compliant cellular starting material: CliniPrime and GMPrime™. CliniPrime products provide a standardized production process, while GMPrime™ products give customers the ability to customize their production process to fit their unique program needs. To further enhance their cellular product portfolio, Charles River also offers HemaPrime, a collection of RUO cellular products that includes fresh leukopaks. With these two options for GMP-compliant starting material and a selection of RUO cellular products, Charles River provides the perfect suite of cellular products for your research needs.

For over four decades, Charles River has been a reliable source of cell products and services for developers of the latest cell therapies and research. Through its acquisitions of HemaCare and Cellero (formerly Key Biologics and Astarte Biologics), Charles River has now officially integrated Charles River Cell Solutions. Conveniently located in Northridge, CA, Bothell, WA, Memphis, TN and Lowell, MA, its HemaCare Donor Centers offer a coast-to-coast network of quality services.

An Advanced Donation Process

Discover the amazing potential of medical breakthroughs with HemaCare Donor Centers! Our FDA-registered, AABB-certified, and state-licensed centers are a vital part of the medical research process, collecting whole blood, bone marrow, white blood cells (apheresis), and mobilized white blood cells from local donors. All donations are anonymous, and donors receive compensation for their time – so join us in making a real difference in the fight to improve healthcare.

From research-grade models to GMP-compliant cell therapy products, Charles River Cell Solutions offers comprehensive cell products and services to meet your needs. Our integrated early-stage portfolio of research models, discovery, safety assessment, and CDMO cell and gene therapy manufacturing services provide clear pathways for cell therapy or basic research objectives. Our consultative guidance and cell processing and isolation services ensure your success.

Approved Quotes

Charles River’s CliniPrime Fresh Leukopak is set to revolutionize the development of advanced therapies, offering the potential to save countless lives through clinical trials. Birgit Girshick, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Charles River, is confident that this groundbreaking product will help accelerate the progress of these life-saving treatments.

Charles River is proud to announce the launch of CliniPrime – a revolutionary brand of human-derived cellular products that will meet the growing needs of the cell and gene-modified cell therapy industry. CliniPrime provides unparalleled access to the highest quality starting materials, helping to accelerate the development of innovative treatments and therapies. Jeffrey Allen, Chief Vice President of Global Cell Therapy Solutions at Charles River, believes that CliniPrime is the perfect addition to their existing portfolio, and will help revolutionize the future of healthcare.

About Charles River

At Charles River, we are passionate about helping the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies and academic institutions achieve their research and drug development goals faster. Our innovative products and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, so they can discover new therapies and bring them to market quickly and safely. We are committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide and are proud to be their trusted partner on the journey.

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