Unlocking a New Lease of Life: Spago Nanomedical’s Clinical Phase IIa SPAGOPIX-02 Study Results

Spago Nanomedical (STO:SPAGO.ST)(FRA:7UX.F) is delighted to announce that preliminary analysis of data from the phase IIa clinical study SPAGOPIX-02 demonstrates that SN132D has a promising safety profile in individuals with endometriosis. Further research is ongoing to assess its MRI contrast enhancing properties, with researchers paying particular attention to lesions indicative of deep endometriosis.

The initial safety and MRI-enhancing effects of SN132D on endometriosis patients have been assessed in a pilot study, known as SPAGOPIX-02. The study Data Monitoring Committee concluded that the drug is safe to use and that further research is required to evaluate its efficacy. Due to the small number of patients recruited (n=8), recruitment has been paused to allow for meaningful assessment of results. These early findings pave the way for further investigation and optimism for the relief of endometriosis symptoms.

We are thrilled with the safety results of SN132D, a major milestone in the development of our cutting-edge platform material. We look ahead to the full analysis of the research so far to decide the next steps in the program’s progress. Our CEO Mats Hansen is optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead and can’t wait to reveal the findings!

Initial results from a phase I clinical study, SPAGOPIX-01, of the contrast agent SN132D in patients with confirmed breast cancer have been encouraging – revealing that SN132D is well-tolerated and produces compelling images of solid tumors in the breast, liver and pancreas when examined via MRI. Excitingly, the announcement of the final study report is imminent.

Spago Nanomedical, a Swedish nanomedicines company, is aiming to revolutionize the medical industry with their next-generation diagnostics and treatments for life-threatening and debilitating diseases. The platform relies on polymeric materials to provide more precise and targeted solutions in a clinical setting. Spago Nanomedical’s shares are now available on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, offering investors the chance to be part of this groundbreaking development.

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